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  1. J

    Combine reliability

    Now most are wrapping up cutting for this year many are looking on how their combines have performed over the season. Many will be happy, a few will have niggles or just nightmares and I just thought a quick word or two on their own experiences. I was using a late 90's TX34, only a 15' header...
  2. J

    Problems with apps on android phone

    Has anyone else got problems opening apps on their android devices this morning? A quick Google is suggesting that a Google update has cocked up some apps, I can't even get my aol mail app to work let alone any of my solotaire games for the 5 minutes of contemplating on the throne.
  3. J

    Coming back into work.

    After quite a long time away from being actively involved as a full time worker I was asked by a friend if I would be prepared to stand in for him in case the worst happens with this Coronovirus pandemic. Over the years I have done a fair bit of spanner work and setting up various machines for...
  4. J

    Railway crossings

    Another reminder, tragic but a reminder all the same to use those unmanned crossings safely.
  5. J

    Public opinion

    The void in the understanding of farming and the countryside between the general public and those in the industry is so vast it seems like there is no hope. The recent thread on the abuse towards the livestock on the Somerset dairy farm springs to mind, no I don't condone the abuse but other...