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  1. Ted M

    Another BBC hatchet job?

    From our favourite cockwomble Chris Packham no less.🙈
  2. Ted M

    Low loader wheels.

    Evening all. Currently looking around for a new (or tidy 2nd hand) 26-28ft low loader. Its mainly for lugging bales but will occasionally move a 5 tonne tracked machine or jcb loadall. I've seen a 28ft tri axle one not far away from me on twin wheels but would mini super singles be better? What...
  3. Ted M

    Feeding winter beans as protein.

    Evening all. Currently have a shed full of 10-11 month old bulls fattening on a mix of barley and protein pellets, and fodder beet. We are coming to the end of the pellets in the bin and a mate has some winter beans available. Our roller mill has 3 rollers so should cope with beans okay. Just...
  4. Ted M

    Sacred Cow film.

    Wether your into regenerative ag or not this film goes a long way to counter the current media,fake meat, vegan,health and environmental propaganda. It's just been released on amazon prime and iTunes and is well worth a watch if you can. Would be a good one to show in schools too imo.
  5. Ted M

    Peta billboards.

    Yesterday someone posted a picture on a local Facebook farming group of a peta poster showing a broiler chicken(obviously not a healthy example) with wording along the lines of not wanting factory farms and to go vegan. Don't know where it was taken. Imagine my surprise when we popped into...
  6. Ted M

    Anyone else seen this?

  7. Ted M

    Has anyone else noticed or is it just me?

    Since the start of this lock down I've been fortunate enough to be flat out on fieldwork, carting muck and injecting slurry, drilling and spreading fertiliser. We've fields to attend to around a few local villages but the one thing I've noticed is that when I meet people on the road either...
  8. Ted M

    Education and agriculture

    Evening all, feeling a bit annoyed tonight over the way animal agriculture is viewed in our schools. Eldest arrived home tonight and informed me that during their maths lesson the teacher used a sliced up pizza as tool to demonstrate how fractions work. When asked about the pizza topping...
  9. Ted M

    Caravan site and storage.

    Evening all, Last year we lost some rented land after the owner passed away so had to reduce our suckler herd. We now have 3 steel framed buildings stood more or less empty so was considering caravan storage and maybe a small touring site as well as they have separate access to the rest of the...
  10. Ted M

    Round bale unroller to fit small telescopic.

    As the title suggests really. Have usually fed our dry cows (sucklers) on hay and lick buckets which is simple and worked well. However we are now faced with possibly losing the rented land we cut the hay on following the death of the owner. IMO ad-lib silage is too good for dry cows so was...
  11. Ted M

    McHale fusion vario

    Cut a long story short, bought the above from a dealer a couple of years ago, 2 years old but with very low bale count.Dealer (not the nearest to us, but baler fitted the bill) said McHale would look after us as baler had done so little. Had problem with box first season, sorted out with minimal...
  12. Ted M

    Considering caravan storage

    Considering a small diversification into caravan storage, probably only 25-30 in some soon to be surplus buildings. Site has separate access to rest of farm and could be made secure relatively easily. Have read somewhere that would be better to set up as a separate business so as not to charge...
  13. Ted M

    Shed rental value

    Might possibly have 3 buildings to let from next autumn. All steel frame, concrete feed alleys with stoned up bedded area. Would easily hold 100 plus head of bulling heifers or store cattle. Handling system, Hard standing available for stacking bales, 5 ton bulk bin also, plus we could feed on...
  14. Ted M

    Tyre choice on new tractor

    Got a new tractor on order for April time, current one is shod on 600/65 r28 and 650/85 r 32 michelin mach x bibs. I have to say I'm disappointed by the wear rate of them over 3000 hours compared to previous tractors we've had, all on michelins which have done well in excess of 4500 hours and...
  15. Ted M

    Customer won't pay up

    Hi all, I have done a small amount of baling work and a bit of grass overseeding for a local farmer/straw merchant on three separate occasions, put it all on one invoice at the end of the summer of 2014 and spent the last 12 months trying to get the money. All the usual lines, "waiting for a...