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    Is a cow leaking milk at the slaughterhouse a welfare issue ?

    A local haulier who takes our cast cows to Highland Meats in Ayrshire is getting untold grief from a foreign vet who is telling him it is a serious welfare issue cows leaking milk. The cows are picked up from us between 9 and 11 on a sunday morning and after he has picked up the rest of his load...
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    Do the retailers have too much power ?

    I watched a webinar on tuesday night and saw Abi Reader talking about aligned contracts and she said that 1 retaler has a policy which say's if you have a cow tests positive for Johne's it has to be culled within 2 weeks !! I can't believe they are allowed to get away with this, the milk test...
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    Infertile tups

    I was at an AI day last week with a few of us getting work done and one young guy had 3 tups from the same farm all infertile ! What is wrong is it something in the feeding or just the amount they are fed ? They were BFL and from a top breeder !!
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    Carbon Credits what value ?

    There are a lot of people in the Dairy industry with their eye on the milk producers land and ability to capture carbon. Just what is the real value of Carbon Credits ? Can we trade them ? will we get shafted or get the true value of them.
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    New Red Tractor rules for 1st Nov

    Dear Red Tractor Member, We are pleased to outline what is changing in our revised farm standards, which come in effect from 1 November 2021. Please find a summary of key changes in your sector below. You will shortly receive a technical briefing in the post...
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    How much do you use PLI in bull choice

    Do you heavily use PLI in your bull selection ? If not what do you look for and what would you use if the vote on AHBD's levy next spring is not to continue paying the levy ?
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    NFU Mutual Remunerations

    Had a read at the bumf that came in from the Mutual and I can see why I am getting so little on the projections for my pension, the Chairman Jim McLaren is on £179,563 and the 4 executive directors from £2,259,503 down to £679,036 . Nice work if you can get it !!
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    Where is the Dairy Industry heading ?

    With all the climate change bofins pointing the finger at farmers and cow fart etc etc, new rules on slurry and air quality we as an industry are in for a rough ride for the next few years. Who is going to feed the nation if these so called experts get their way and cut ALL livestock numbers by...
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    Dairy Pro

    Anyone else get a bill from AHDB DairyPro for £20 +vat and a begging letter from Oliver Hall , I know some milk buyers want producers to do this but we pay between £80 and £100 a month to them an I think that is more than enough for what we get !!
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    Red Tractor Review

    Is it not time we as an Industry stood together and turned this whole QA thing on its head and said if you get us 5p more for our milk we will give you XYZ and even ABC instead of the tail wagging the dog ?
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    Infertile tups

    What are some breeder feeding to Tups that make them infertile ? I here there were a few of the top priced shearlings at Hawes firing blanks and no word yet about the Texel sales.
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    Will anybody sign the petition to bring back the Milk Boards Just asking with all the talk about contracts just now, I dont think they will make the market fair or even for all producers. Is this the answer ?
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    Is Quality Assurance as we know it finnished

    After the vote in parlament on the standards of food coming into GB being at least the same as we currently meet being defeated, is QA as we know it finnished as we race to the bottom to try and compete with lower standard imports ?
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    Milking Cow Tubes

    There is a real problem at the moment with Tetra Delta not available till April, and many other tubes running out. Tetra Delta has worked very well for us in the past cases we have had . What are other folks using or are you jagging with antibiotics if so what do you use ?
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    Dairy Pro ?

    We got an account for £24 from AHDB for membership of Dairy Pro, are all other Forum members paying this £24 for membership of an organisation we already pay £80- £90 a month for. We are not on an aligned contract and although at our last quality assurance visit I was asked about membership the...
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    How much Credit ?

    A couple of years ago in the milk price crash a rep who worked for Carrs feed company said they were caught by some dairy farmers who had been leaning on them too much, and in stead of busting them they worked out a plan to get through it. My feed rep tells me that the large herds 800-1000 cows...
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    We dosed all our milking herd about 6 weeks ago after the dry summer, and noticed a good response in milk yeild on young cows and heifers, but now that cows are housed there are quite a few still coughing and some of them are pretty bad. Any one else had any issues with lungworm or treatment...
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    First Milk AGM

    Anybody going @supercow Its being held in Haverfordwest and I see the time is 7.30 pm It is usually on at 11am do these Welsh guys not get up very early in the morning ? Its going to be difficult for anyone to travel any distance and get home same day!!
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    Dairy Pro

    We had our quality assurance last week and the examiner said one of the advisory things we should look at doing was joining Dairy Pro !! I just had a look on their website and there are a whole lot of meetings which look like they are starting to get their finger out..... then I see the bit...
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    Johnes test

    What is the point in us all having to test 30 cows for Johnes before the end of October ? 30 cows to one man might be 50% of his cows and to another it might only be 5% or less ! Is this just the start and we will soon have compulsory testing ?