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    Using old beet seed

    I have a unit of neonic dressed seed left from 2018 - will it be ok to use, or will the germination have dropped too much? Bit late to do a tray test, should have thought earlier!
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    British Sugar spill kit

    Yesterday's post brought an envelope from British Sugar, labelled 'Spill Kit' - on opening there is a polythene bag and a cable tie. Nothing else, no information. I am assuming it is for seed spills, but the bag has holes in it (presumably anti-suffocation) which are slightly larger than beet...
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    Risk assessment/health and safety policy requirements for Red Tractor

    Before we start, I accept that these are two of the most contentious topics on this forum. However. I understand that even small farms are now required to have a health and safety policy (including farm risk assessment) to comply with the new standards. I am reluctantly going to carry on as a...
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    Workshop/vehicle hoover

    I am in need of a small hoover to clean out cabs etc - perhaps 15l capacity or so. The one that has just died had a heavy felt filter over the bucket, that just needed banging against a post to clean - I don’t want one with disposable bags or expensive filters. Any suggestions please? (The old...
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    Sugar beet damage - skylarks?

    As above really - I have quite a few acres of beet where the cotyledons have disappeared, leaving a tiny plant trying to grow back. It has been suggested that it might be skylark grazing - the areas seem too defined for frost damage, and no evidence of shrivelled leaves. Has anyone any...
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    April admin...

    I seem to have hit a perfect storm of paperwork this April - end of financial year (valuation and accounts), BPS application (I know, we will miss it when it is gone) and the dreaded farm assurance inspection - all when the weather is improving and we want to go outside to play! Just a general...
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    Generator fuel

    I have a diesel powered generator (6kw Stephill with a Yanmar engine) that lives in the garage as a standby. Every year I run it for an hour to make sure it is ok - it hasn't been used in anger for 15 years. I am pretty sure it still has pre-bio fuel in it, as it starts perfectly - is there any...
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    Long-term data/document storage

    Is there any real alternative to hard paper copies for long term document storage? This came up yesterday - I needed a document relating to a planning decision from 1985. After an hour or so it came to light in a folder entitled 'useful bits to be kept' in a filing cabinet in the cellar - thanks...
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    New Holland combine aircon water leak

    The aircon on the TX34 works fine, but after a few hours starts to drip water into the cab. I have blown out the drain hoses but am now out of further ideas!
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    Cab roof lining material

    The roof lining foam in my New Holland combine cab is disintegrating and falling down - I have tried screwing it into place, but feel it is time to do a proper job. What material should I be looking for? Who is a good supplier?
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    Red Tractor virtual audit - how it went!

    Apologies for starting a new thread, but the two ongoing ones are full of people foaming at the mouth at the iniquity of farm assurance - not helpful in my view, as I feel that it is a necessary evil Audit happened this morning - I am a middle aged technophobe with a cheap smart phone and an...
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    Nordsten drill - change from low to high gear

    I have a Nordsten CLE lift-o-matic drill with no manual! I would like to know how to change it to high gear - do I need some more gear wheels, or do I move a drive chain somewhere? Many thanks n advance
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    Tm155 front axle swivels

    My tm has a grease nipple on the top swivel on one side, but not the other - there is just a domed cap, with no sign of anything missing. Any ideas why? Both sides have grease points on the lower swivels
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    New Holland TX34 overheating alarm

    The temp warning light and buzzer came on last night - temperature gauge is working, and is saying normal. I have unplugged the sensor and the buzzer/light continued. The engine feels to be at normal temp and isn't losing coolant. Could it be a bad connection on the warning circuit? Is there a...
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    Cab roof lining

    I have a New Holland TX34 with disintegrating cab roof lining - the foam is going to powder, allowing the fabric to hang down. What is the best place to buy replacement material? Has anyone done this successfully? Thanks
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    Full retail/list pricing

    We all realise that list prices are only a starting point when buying many items - on a major item it is part of the game to haggle down 10 or 20 percent. But I have just received an invoice from an electrical supplier for (among other things) 10m of jack chain - the lightweight chain used to...
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    New Holland cab suspension

    The cab suspension on my tm155 isn’t working - it is sitting on the rubber stops, although the cab will move up and down with a bar under it. Do the spring/shocks need changing? If so, where is the best place to get them (ie cheapest but still good quality!)? There are some on eBay, has anyone...
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    Domestic flat roof recommendations

    We have a farm bungalow with a 5m by 5m flat roof extension- built 25 years ago using fibreglass on ply. It has started leaking and the ply feels spongy under the fibreglass, so what is best to replace it with? Is there much difference in price between felt or fibreglass? Are modern felts...
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    American mobile/cell phones

    We are shortly to visit the USA for the first of many times - son has emigrated. Considering a local phone with a PAYG sim or equivalent. Has anyone any experience of this? Where and what to buy, which network? Looking for a basic phone to make calls and texts, no need to be smart. Thanks
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    Nordsten drill calibration chart

    I have an old Nordsten box drill - CLE 3.00m - that I use for maize strips. I have never had any calibration info - it arrived with the setting for maize marked on the lid and I have never had to change it. However, I would like to patch up a bit of barley with it - does anyone have a...