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    Metcalfe seed tube position

    I`m going to use my co4 with metcalfe coulters to sow OSR. Should i adjust the seed tube all the way up, or leave it the same as i use for grain?
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    Individual depht control on Horsch CO

    I have been thinking about making adjustable dephtwheels behind each coulter of my co4. Something along the lines of the Sprinter NT. Since the coulter is positioned so far behind the "hinge" i think it could work. And then i could adjust downpressure by lovering the machine and have a low cost...
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    Carrier with straw rake

    I`m considering buying an old carrier with a straw rake. Does anyone has any experience with just using the straw rake with the discs raised? Would crush a few slugs i would think? Is there any difference between the old 425 carrier and the newer 420? its old an pink, but with a new set of...
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    Options for leading discs

    I`m looking to adding leading discs to my co4 to reduce disturbance. What options do i have? I like the simplicity of the leading discs on the Mzuri rezult, but are they strong enough for the job? The Yetter ones look good, but pricey. Are there other supliers of straight discs that i should...
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    Air bleeds on co4 with metcalfe?

    Recently bought a co4 and have ordered metcalfe tines for it. I am considering getting a set of weaving air bleeds. Does anyone have experience with this setup? Since i`m new to the Horsch, i have no experience with fan speed for different seeds, and would think the airbleeds makes it a little...
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    Metcalfe coulters with bean tubes

    I`ve ordered a set of Metcalfe coulters for my co4 with an extra set of bean seed tubes. Have anyone tried theese? How much extra disturbance does the wider seed tube cause?
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    Tume Nova Combi

    what do you guys think of the tume nova combi for direct drilling? 200kg coulter pressure so should be able to handle most soils. not sure about drilling in trash and covercrops though.
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    Vaderstad Rapid for direct drilling?

    Hi. I live in Norway and i am very intested in starting direct drilling. there are not alot of farmers direct drilling here, so theres practicaly no used drills for sale. but there are alot of vaderstad rapids. ive read about some people using theese as direct drills, but also alot of people...