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    Anybody know about Pathway Farming?

    its a good company, the chap started up a 2000 head angus unit in the east all in feed lots. we supply him with product, good operation and the nutritionist lady linked in with it is also very good
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    understandable, their business isn't to produce an animal feed product but to maximise efficiency extracting sugar and minimise waste, sometimes forget that about these by-products out there.
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    Yeah didn't realise how little sugar there is left in beet pulp, 6% according to KW info sheet, that's crackers. And yeah grain and potato is such a good combo, know many doing that, shame spuds aren't always available all year round.
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    Zero starch but would have had a lot of sugar in it with the beet pulp. Sugar will still fatten an animal if fed in large quantity's, from a nutrition point of view it isn't the heathiest. A bit like you replacing your carbohydrates with sugar in your diet, you are still going to get fat if you...
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    I see. interested to hear your thoughts Why are comparing a protein source to a starch source. Wouldn't it make more sense to compare brewers grains to Rape meal or soya on a Protein basis?
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    out of curiosity, what are you basing that on? if you took brewers out what would you replace it with that as cost effective?
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    Autumn calving cow milk yields

    question for all..... what is you average cake usage from sept/oct to turnout ?
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    Cutting winter barley now, nutritional value?

    the obvious answer is after you cut it get it tested and find out
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    By all means Brewers grains, even at their current price, are the cheapest source of protein out there if you can get them. There are plenty of people doing Ad-lib mash filtered brewers grains to calves top dressed with a couple kilos of barley on similar systems and numbers. if you cant get...
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    i dont know what scale you are or what infrastructure you have. Either way, if you want those cattle to perform and grow frame and push them on you need a balanced diet. Don't feed barley on its own to youngstock because they will not put frame on and will be fat and plump. From 140kg to...
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    Crows on maize pit... Help!

    What part of the country are you in ? seen this a lot this year and a few people have solved the issue by using Moist Citrus pulp instead of plastic sheet. People have been doing it for donkeys years
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    if you are feeding this, you might as well just go and buy a load of whatfeed pellets and the minerals seperate. will do just as well and cheaper. We have turned so many people away from blends, you can do just as good if not better job by feeding 1 high quality product. Maize gluten feed...
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    Fodder beet

    Fodder Beet contains sugar and hardly any starch. typical analysis is 2% starch and 65% Sugar
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    Mixing straw and blend

    I know lots of guys who are very successfully and cheaply feeding calves 3 months onwards with a TMR. obviously not everyone has the set up for it. If you do though they have gone completely away from blends and feeding grass silage, brewers grains and small amount of barley. if cant get Brewers...
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    Cake Price Tracker

    i know a few farmers milking 6500-7000ltrs herds who have bought 1 straight to be blown in a 10tn bin or tipped in a shed to replace cake in parlour, feeding for 20-25ltrs out of parlour. that can save you a lot of money and you can bring into the diet a seriously high quality feed.
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    Feeding apple pulp

    Apple pomace is a fantastic source of fibre. Like sugar beet pulp and citrus pulp it is a great feed to increase palatability and intakes. incorporating it into an ad-lib finisher feed would give good digestible fibre (healthier rumen function) most likely drive intakes and drive performance...
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    wheat last year was about £190/tn and at the moment its £218/tn
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    Milk ureas.

    High milk urea levels indicate there is inefficient use of protein in the diet, which can lead to reduced fertility (because it impacts the uterine environment) it is worth checking whether cows need more readily available energy to balance the high degradable protein levels in the diet...
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    Finishing store lambs on maize and brewers grains

    a lot is depending on the quality of your maize silage but can do 1kg of brewers and 2.5 kg of maize silage. You wont risk acidosis with the brewer in there, there is plenty of fibre and yeast to keep the rumen healthy and long fibre from the silage. they wont fatten quick but on current feed...
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    Moist Citrus Pulp

    i have finally found an answer to this, the digestibility of orange citrus pulp compared to Sugarbeet is exactly the same. except the citrus pulp becomes more digestible over time because it keep breaking down. It is suggested when first feeding it to let it sit for 3 days with the first load...