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    Kramer 320 steering modes

    Hi, does anyone have an operator manual for a Kramer 320, or can tell me how the switch is supposed to work? there is a momentary switch on the top right of the dash, with two lights below it. switch 14 in the picture below. I took this from a picture of a German manual. Used google lens to...
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    Cordless alliance system - will it catch on

    Just seen this today in a mail from metabo. Wouldn’t this be good if this caught on with all cordless tools? You could then buy on product spec, and not because of the batteries you already have. Unfortunately I can’t see it catching on between direct rivals. i.e. Metabo, Milwaukee...
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    Tig kit for inverter welder

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a tig kit for my EWM inverter welder. There is a big difference in the prices of some torches on line, so looking some advice on anything to avoid. I’m looking to weld light mild steel, exhausts etc.
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    Class arion, Massey 6400 pto won’t stop

    Hi, Have to look at a mates Claas arion 620 tomorrow. He says the pto keeps running even when the yellow button is pressed. He stopped it by moving the speed lever. Anyone had this issue before? Any pointers? I’ve heard of ones not starting before, but never not stopping. TIA.
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    Claas error codes

    I had a quick search on here but can’t see a link to error codes. Can anyone tell me what error code ID7776H means on an arion 620 CIS?
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    Pc120-3 manual

    Would anyone have a workshop manual for a pc120-3? Looking for wiring diagram and hydraulic schematic. TIA
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    John Deere 6620 EPC controller

    Hi, I have a JD6620 with fault code 306061.31 transmission speed too low. I know the issue but don't know how to fix it. I was calibrating the tractor after fitting a new clutch valve and somehow address 134 has changed to 65535. Should be 040. I can only select the three left most digits on...
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    John deere 20 series steering

    When the tractor is cold, the steering wheel is stiff to turn. Once it starts to turn it's fine. If you then steer the other way, same thing. Is this something up with the priority valve? If so, where is it located? Usually fine when warm
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    PC60-5 valve clearances

    forgive me if this is the wrong section.I'm looking for valve(tappet) clearances for inlet and exhaust on a Komatsu PC60- 5? I can't find anything on Google.