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  1. west coast angus

    Wet May, plenty of hay.

    Wettest May I have seen, very windy too☔☔
  2. west coast angus

    Dysect on young lambs

    I do lambs with dyesect, as soon as they are dry and then drift out to the hill, have done so for many years without any problems. my ground is rotten with ticks, I will do over 600 lambs, by the time I am fished. Now with outdout the down side is just how much of the stuff I get covered in...
  3. west coast angus

    QMS consigned to history?

    I told them to get fecked a month ago, and felt a massive weight lifted off my shoulders, can't recommend it enough👍😁
  4. west coast angus

    Adding a new breed to a suckler herd

    I had to actually just stop and just look, the last time I went past those cows!! Safer🤣🤣👍
  5. west coast angus

    Kelvins big farm adventure

    Had to turn it off after 5mins!! Absolutely horrendous program!!
  6. west coast angus

    Sheep ear tag problem

    Tag later on in the year👍
  7. west coast angus

    Angus Myostatin

    We had a bull that carried it, and he did leave fantastic calfs, that I found to be very easy calving, but I found when keeping heifer replacements, they were very unpredictable, some made brilliant cows, some of my best! And some were terrible completely useless. If I wanted to just sell store...
  8. west coast angus

    North country cheviot

    Third in from the left looks a cracker 👍👍👌
  9. west coast angus

    North country cheviot

    How big was the Ose ewe?
  10. west coast angus

    North country cheviot

    I personally find the whole small sheep more hardie a load of crap, the hill will grow the ewe to the size it allows, we have a hard enough job trying to get size in our lambs with out, selecting little 3 shear tups that stand not much higher than your knee cap, and missing 2 ribs! I have a...
  11. west coast angus

    North country cheviot

    I think tups in lairg will be mental this year!! Don't think 2k will get you anything fancy 😬
  12. west coast angus

    chev Stores Lambs

    Oban will have some but not massive numbers at this stage👍
  13. west coast angus

    Traditional style Angus

    Shhh!!! 🤣
  14. west coast angus

    Traditional style Angus

    A terrible pic of our 13 month old bull, a son of the 25k Linton Gilbertines Elgin
  15. west coast angus

    Swaledale sheep sick of

    Cross them out with hill cheviots! Job done😊👍
  16. west coast angus

    Yamaha kodiak 700 (2019)

    Where's that pic taken, looks familiar? That sounds a fair price, did you find out how much more for a new one? Just out of interest, think I will trade mine in after lambing.
  17. west coast angus

    Yamaha kodiak 700 (2019)

    Can't say for that amount of hours, but mine are 2 year old and never had a spanner on them, apart from the the bolts where the hitch bolts on to the frame comming loose, If you don't mind me asking, how much? You might be better off getting new, good finance deals, 2 years warranty and...
  18. west coast angus

    Yamaha kodiak 700 (2019)

    That's a load of rubbish, I have nothing but steep hill ground, I have a yamaha kodiak 450 and a grizzly 700, and had the 700 kodiak on demo, they pee all over the Hondas they replaced. They are seriously good bikes on the hill😊
  19. west coast angus

    Yamaha kodiak 700 (2019)

    Yes very good, get it bought👍
  20. west coast angus

    Roan Calves

    Aye but a whitebred will certainly leave the Roan colour,