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    Ploughing with a Ferguson 2 furrow plough

    I’ve bought a 2 furrow plough for the garden to go behind my 135. The 4 furrow KV is just too big for the job. I have never used a 2 furrow before so it might be a bit of a learning curve. My first question is the track width. It seems the middle of the second furrow is in line with the center...
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    Identify this PTO guard

    As title please identify this guard to me so I can sort a new collar
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    MF5455 hand throttle

    Hi, The Hand Throttle on my MF5455 doesn’t stay put, it springs back like the foot throttle does. As far as I can see I need a new assembly, anyone know any better, can it just be tightened up?
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    MF5455 handrail work lights

    I have an MF 5455 with basic 2 work lights in the roof front and back. I would like to add lights to the handrails to shine around the loader. Does anyone know if it is just a case of getting lights, relay and switch or is anything else required? Also any locations of where the relay and fuses...
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    Others: Massey Ferguson - 5455

    Others: Massey Ferguson - 5455 Category: Others Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson Price: £1500 Condition: Used Description: MF 5400 Dana axle number 3429765M95. Originally off a MF5455, having done 10,000 hours. Axle pivot bearing on diff is damaged, which is the reason for replacement due to...