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  1. suffeks

    name this wheat injury

    neighbor says I scorched his wheat i say its a disease any guesses as to what the problem is?
  2. suffeks

    deutz joystick to ez pilot pro harness

    I'm wondering if any of these buttons i can run cables to from my ez pilot pro harness. then I can enable the nav kinda factory'ish way... all it has to do is short 2 cables together in my harness
  3. suffeks

    nav900 going crazy

    recently i installed the ez pilot pro + nav900 for my touch800, however having some issues, cant get auto steer to work and the nav900 goes crazy, it kinda works going south but any other direction not so good so 2 main issues: CAN errors, didnt think i need a CAN license or config, i'm not...
  4. suffeks

    help removing steering wheel

    how to remove this deutz wheel? I got the main nut off but it's not budging. that rod only loosens and allows for height adjustment of whole column. the rim has play now but something is holding it back...
  5. suffeks

    rapid refresh due soon?

    so 7 years since the last updates, i am wondering if a refresh is coming soon? ideas and things you'd like to see?
  6. suffeks

    mueller touch unresponsive

    so my touch800 stopped working, coincidentally after i got stuck in a lot of mud today, dont know if a short occured or what but i also have a L79 fault in my deutz computer this is annoying, i cant spread the rest of my fertilizer sitting in the hopper... can i try a usb mouse or keyboard? i...
  7. suffeks

    leaving machine raised on hitch

    is it bad if you leave a heavy 2-3t machine raised in the air for extended periods on the back of a tractor when parked? i heard people say its bad for the pump, old tractors i had it would just fall the ground after a few days haha but these new ones must have check valves etc? so no big deal...
  8. suffeks

    wider row spacing for hybrid cereals

    i know its a bad idea in general, but i was wondering if anyone tried 38 or 45cm planter row spacing for hybrid barley or rye? them being so bushy maybe the yield would be alright?
  9. suffeks

    rapid 300 isobus screenshots

    anyone have a newish rapid 300 over isobus? not the ipad... i am wondering how the software looks on the terminal, they only have ipad pics on their website and in the brochures... thanks!
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  11. suffeks

    barley yellow tips

    today I noticed certain spots in the field look like this. I'm guessing lower pH patches. new growth looks healthy, its just the old leaves. so nutrient deficiency? maybe I can apply something foliar tomorrow... my other thought is glean phytotoxicity. i applied only 15g/ha. i would say its too...
  12. suffeks

    amazone basic settings pin

    trying to access implement settings someone told me the code is 6 digits from the software version screen I tried all sorts of combinations nothing works
  13. suffeks

    60mesh filters with 02 yellow nozzles?

    anyone run this and is it ok? or do the nozzles clog up? cause lechler recommends 80mesh for their 02 IDTA yellow nozzles
  14. suffeks

    Barley T0?

    just wondering if anyone does it and what you apply in the fall? something for yellow dwarf virus and gray snow mold are my main concerns. hyvido variety.
  15. suffeks

    Amazone UF2002

    so i picked up the new UF, amazing, esp coming from an older 100% manual trailer sprayer, including having to get out and unfold it by hand lol a few pics attached below, its fully loaded 27m with profi-fold2, gps switching each nozzle, dus-pro etc just putting it in auto and letting the...
  16. suffeks

    free oil return?

    are both of these free oil return? I need to swap the order, can i do it? got a new amazone sprayer it has the top connector so I have to plug it into the bottom one on the tractor, however the hitch is in the way so I need to move it higher if possible thanks
  17. suffeks

    deutz ttv popping out of gear

    today my deutz started popping out of gear during road transport, no errors on the computer I have to put it in neutral and forward again and that fixes it until it happens again big problem?
  18. suffeks

    canola volunteers in mustard?

    today I drilled mustard for seed. 2 years ago I had winter canola in this field. since there might be some canola volunteers pop up will the mustard outgrow the canola? it was a dwarf variety. second question is it shouldn't produce seed as it didn't get a chance to over winter?
  19. suffeks

    tractor vibration

    i have a 2014 deutz ttv, and get a cab shaking/vibration only between 11-12kph since new, never really bothered me before but im planning on starting to spray around 12kph so started thinking about it again. is this because of the continuous transmission? thanks
  20. suffeks

    sprayer pump question

    if the sprayer pump claims 250L/min is that across the whole pressure range? i mean if i'm spraying at 7 bars will it maintain 250L/min? or is 250L around some standard like 2.5 bars thanks