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    Modern Tech and the inherent profitability of dealer only access to tech.

    I have just stumbled across this on youtube, whilst it is focusing on JD, it is appicable to all the brands and the tech with which modern farm equipment is enhanced, and held hostage by. I found this unusually interesting and informative for an American documentary.
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    Not dribbling N down the tramlines.

    About 7 or 8 years ago I picked up a leaflet at either Cereals or Lamma (which may or may not have been produced by Omex). It gave the usual reasons why switching to the use of liquid had advantages over the use of solid N, such as no bags to dispose of, accurate dressing up to the outer edge of...
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    Late drilling of OSR, ( anybody other than us doing it this year ?)

    After a good kicking in the 2019 year (crop harvest), by CSFB, the advice was to drill earlier or later than the previous common timing of end of August begining of September to cope with the migration of the CSFB. Is anyone planning to sow this year's crop later in September?. Judging by what...
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    Late drilling of OSR to avoid CSFB.

    After the disaster of last year where we were badly infected by CSFB, we are (were) planning of drilling a greatly reduced area of OSR to see if we could establish a viable crop after the migration. Anyone else doing it?, if so how late were you planning on going, here in mid Lincolnshire I am...
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    12v to 240v Inverter.

    Hello, I am needing to pump a small amount (a few 1000 litres per hour max.) of water periodically to assist with a drain jetting job. My submersible pump will be ideal for this job. It is rated at 0.48kw which I believe is 480watts per hour. Can I run an inverter from the jetting tractor and...
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    Skyfall as a "Spring wheat"?

    I have been told that Skyfall has a very relaxed need for vernalisation, and therefore will grow to maturity if sown as late as March or even April, is this correct, and if so, is it as worth sowing in the spring yield wise as opposed to a specialist "Spring" variety? Any views or experiences...
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    Armco Barriers

    We have 98 barriers X 3.5m long (3.2 m running lengths after overlaps), 5 " X 3.4m, 3 " X 3.1m, 8 " X 2.5m, 3 " X 2.2m. They were dismantled from our outdoor cattle coral a few years...
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    Trimble 250 dead !!!

    Hello, I don't know if anyone can suggest a quick and obvious thing I can do to get my Trimble back on please. I have just taken the system off the sprayer and put it on the spreader tractor and for the first time ever it has failed to strike up and function as it should. The swap has been made...
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    Simba Mini-flow drill spares.

    I am looking for tines and other spare parts for a Simba Mini-flow drill, or if anyone has one suitable for breaking for spares I am interested. Many thanks, Phil. 07774 966320
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    Renewing the power "sales" agreement.

    Hello, does anybody know where abouts the market is for selling electricity at the moment is?, we have just been offered 4.6p (for one year contract which I think is a tad low, or maybe not as the case may be). Many thanks in advance.
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    Kuhn, KV or Lemkin (or other), which 6 metre power harrow?

    As above, we are possibly looking to change from a 4 to a 6 metre power harrow this spring. Do any user's have any opinions on which make is the most bomb proof?. Any thoughts will be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance. Phil
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    Interesting article on the advances in energy storage.......
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    Does FYM always need hilling before spreading?

    Since we have had some recent land drainage work done, it will not be possible to hill the fym on the fields that ideally we would like to spread it on this year, due to not being allowed to store it above drains. We empty the sheds usually as soon as we can in late April or May and therefore it...
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    Using the sprayer in freezing conditions.

    Does anyone have experience or views of taking advantage of it being frozen under tyre and putting Fox (or Kerb etc) on OSR and using liquid urea in the mix as an anti-freeze to prevent the spray lines being damaged by frost. If so, what % solution is adequate for possible -5c protection. Many...
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    Should a grain drying fan's intake face south?

    We are just about to upgrade the fan capacity on the grain store and I have been reminded that when we fitted the original fan I was told by an "expert" that the intake should ideally face south so as to make use of the sun's energy more efficiently. Surely this is non-sense as the fan will suck...