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    Horsch sprinter tines

    Does anyone know wich model year the sprinter 4m went from 25 to 28.6cm row spacing? 16vs14 coulters
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    Weaving sabre tine user thread

    How much disturbance is there when drilling at 30-40mm in chopped straw? and how does it handle freshly cut oat straw? I now run a GD, but since most of my drilling is in chopped straw in the autumt and spring, i am considering switching to a sabre. I used to run a CO with metcalfes, and loved...
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    What are the benefits of no-till farming?

    Would the increased losses from a stripper header be compensated by the lower diesel consumption? Here in Norway we have to stop combining early evening because the straw is getting damp. Would a stripper header let me continue a few hours until the actual grain moisture is increasing? if so...
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    Weaving GD user thread

    Is it possible to get a more detailed description of the changes made to the hydraulics? some pictures would also be great if possible.
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    Metcalfe seed tube position

    I`m going to use my co4 with metcalfe coulters to sow OSR. Should i adjust the seed tube all the way up, or leave it the same as i use for grain?
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    Weaving GD user thread

    Looks great! how does the GD handle chopped straw in autumn?
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    Weaving GD user thread

    How does the 3m handle turning tight corners? And how do they handle rocks? Does anyone know how big the hoppers are on the mounted seed and fert model?
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    Options for leading discs

    A few of them boltet straight on, but had to make mounts for most of them. I was affraid the wavy discs were gonna disturb alot of soil, but so far i am wery pleased with them. Cant really compare them to straight ones as i havent used any. If i recall correctly i paid approximatly 4000 USD incl...
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    Options for leading discs

    I ended up buying yetter coulters from Canada and individually mounting them in front of each tine. Having used them this year i am wery happy with how they work. The only problem is the two discs behind the front support wheels that i had to mount quite close to the tine. They can block up...
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    Individual depht control on Horsch CO

    I have been thinking about making adjustable dephtwheels behind each coulter of my co4. Something along the lines of the Sprinter NT. Since the coulter is positioned so far behind the "hinge" i think it could work. And then i could adjust downpressure by lovering the machine and have a low cost...
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    Options for leading discs

    @JDJ what is the part number for the HEVA discs? thinking of maybe using those and make individual mounts infront of each tine. Would the rubber mounting take up some of the twisting force in sharp turns, or would it just break?
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    Options for leading discs

    Covenbrook havent answered my email, but i think they are quite expensive? I would like to have the discs in frame close to the coulter, since i farm mostly small fields with alot of twists and turns. Are there other solutions to this or other manufacturers that make some reasonably priced discs...
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    Carrier with straw rake

    I`m considering buying an old carrier with a straw rake. Does anyone has any experience with just using the straw rake with the discs raised? Would crush a few slugs i would think? Is there any difference between the old 425 carrier and the newer 420? its old an pink, but with a new set of...
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    Options for leading discs

    I`m looking to adding leading discs to my co4 to reduce disturbance. What options do i have? I like the simplicity of the leading discs on the Mzuri rezult, but are they strong enough for the job? The Yetter ones look good, but pricey. Are there other supliers of straight discs that i should...
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    Air bleeds on co4 with metcalfe?

    Recently bought a co4 and have ordered metcalfe tines for it. I am considering getting a set of weaving air bleeds. Does anyone have experience with this setup? Since i`m new to the Horsch, i have no experience with fan speed for different seeds, and would think the airbleeds makes it a little...
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    Metcalfe coulters with bean tubes

    I`ve ordered a set of Metcalfe coulters for my co4 with an extra set of bean seed tubes. Have anyone tried theese? How much extra disturbance does the wider seed tube cause?
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    My new drill #pimpmydrill part 2 !

    No i bought one here in Norway. wery few co`s in here, so have been looking for one for quite a while. This is the one i bought
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    My new drill #pimpmydrill part 2 !

    Have you used the fertilizer pipes, and do they work ok? Have just bought a CO4 with liquid fertilizer, and looking for low disturbance coulters with fert, but havent found any. is there really any other low disturbance coulters then metcalfe avaliable?
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    Tume Nova Combi

    Anyone else have any knowledge about this drill in a no till system?
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    Tume Nova Combi