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    Extendable forcing gate

    Morning, I want to make a new forcing gate for our square pen before our cattle race. Being square, the gate need sto extend as it reaches the corner and contract as it passes it. Any design ideas?
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    Hows best to touch up this paintwork?

    Rub down to bare metal, some primer and top coat? What kind of primer? Brushed or sprayed? Anything else to consider?
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    Whats this radio?

    Does anyone know the make of this radio? Supplied in our NH T6, I find it the simplest and most reliable and would like a couple more for other tractors!
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    Whats this chap then? Bug ID.

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    What power connectors?

    I need to run a couple devices in my cab. 25 amp max draw. 4mm2 cable. What type of in-line power connector would you reccomend?
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    Fit bigger boiler to rayburn?

    Morning. We have a 499K rayburn with a 23.5kw boiler. Is it possible to fit a new, larger boiler to the existing unit? To future proof for more house radiators?
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    Can I pump leftover chemical/fertiliser out my sprayer tank?

    Gem Emerald
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    Fruit/veg packing station.

    Anyone know where I'd look for a second hand one of these?
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    Low voltage auto battery isolator.

    Does anyone know where I can get automatic batter isolators that isolate when the battery voltage drops to a particular level? I know they did exist at least as I have one on my vw caddy, however the company doesn't seem to be on the go anymore.
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    What kind of bed tiller do I need?

    Good afternoon all. I grow a wee bit of veg, a little of most things on around 7 acres total. I've used a Howard rotovator up until this point to create deep filth for carrots and parsnips, however it is approaching the end of it's working life and machines of a similar vintage seem in a...
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    Self standing panels for silage pit end wall?

    We have here an indoor silage pit. It is used as self feed for 2 groups of cattle, which feed from each end. One end of the pit needs to have a removable end wall to allow that face to be grazed- too much pit space would be used having a slope at both ends. Any suggestions on what to use? Will...
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    Paint on alu T6 mirrors.

    The paint is running off the aluminium wing mirror brackets on my T6.175. Any reccomendations to get them back to black and stay black?