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    Express Calf Dehorner

    Any others use the pistol type Express gas dehorner? We do about 80 calves a year but am already on the 4th if not 5th head and seem to get through them even quicker these days. Am I doing something wrong? I usually just fire it up and once hot, dehorn the calves but now after I do about 4...
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    Sheep Abortion Vaccine

    Had an abortion storm a couple of years ago therefore I've vaccinated all the ewes and have done the replacements for this year. Since then I've been offered the chance to take on some extra grazing which means I need to buy more sheep if I take it on. Don't really want to let the land go as...
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    Just thinking ahead of a few options. I want to lamb a few ewes early (Early January) and need to get them lambed in a shortish period due to other commitments. Have access to a couple of teaser rams so just wondering what you think is my best option. Do I tease the ewes then sponge them? if so...
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    Sheep Scab

    Have had a problem with a group of lambs and a few this year that have been itching. Having been to the vet and sending samples off to be tested it turns out that it is scab. Have injected them with Dectomax but have been told since that turning them back to the same field means that they could...