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  1. Joeblue

    Jcb 320s V jcb 416s

    How are the 320s on silage pit, I pick up 400 acres just for myself over a year , but the pits are fairly steep, anyone with experience? Grading up from a 414.
  2. Joeblue

    Cns mastitis

    Getting terrible mastitis which is not curing up have used synulox and terrixine tubes .betamox ,engermcin and tyylosin injections, tylosin cured a few of them, sensitivity test said CNS was problem I am pre and post dipping, really at my wits end tuned 6 cows this morn, any hel greatly appreciated.
  3. Joeblue

    landrover discovery 3 handbrake

    Handbrake is stuck on my disco 3, I pulled the hanbrake overide loop which is under the console but it is not freeing the handbrake , any ideas where i go next ? help!!
  4. Joeblue

    jcb414 transmission

    hi, my jcb 414 blew the seal on filter three times and I retightened it ,each time but now I have no forward or reverse, and there is a hissing noise from front of loader .Is pump knackered ? can I just swap it for a reconditioned one if it is? Is it difficult ? Have 100 acres of silage to purt...
  5. Joeblue

    jcb 414 no steering

    have a old jcd 414, loader is working perfect up, down tilt etc but i have no steering anyone have any experience ?
  6. Joeblue

    Black spot

    Any ideas for teating black spotscab on end of teat on cow?
  7. Joeblue


    Cow slipped in parlor last week, I think back bar came down on her back, put her in paddock and was up next day but kept slipping on concrete usually getting up herself, back to the paddock put shackles on sat 3days ago and she is back on concrete and straw seems fine , how long will I leave...
  8. Joeblue


    Anyone feeding megalac to highyielders , is it cost effective?
  9. Joeblue

    john deere 6610 slow starter

    I have a old 6610 14000 hrs , reconditioned the injector pump and new injectors a few months ago, but lately she has been slow to start. she starts perfect the first turn, then stalls after 30 seconds and then takes takes a good few turns to fire the second time, i am worried i am going to burn...
  10. Joeblue

    jcb 414 wont restart when hot

    I have a 98 414 that lately has decided not to restart if hot, after a hours hard work on pit etc, just have to wait half hour for her to cool down, any ideas?
  11. Joeblue

    john deere 6610 stalling

    My jd 6610se with 14000 hrs is starting fine, a little bit smokey at low revs, she can work fine for a hour on agitator, mower etc but then loses power , revs gradually drop and she stalls, sometimes she restarts, other times we have to bleed her, sometimes we have to leave alone for hour or...
  12. Joeblue


    Considering upgrading from 1100 to jf 1350, to pick up three swarths and to speed up the operation, 1100 is getting worn also, currentily picking up with 6930 presume I will need 200 hp plus, dont want spfh due to maintenace costs. Any opinions?
  13. Joeblue

    jf 1350

    I am considering upgrading from a 1100 jf to 1350 jf, to try to pick up heavy raked in swarths ,how do people find them , I have a 6930jd currentily on 1100, will I need 200hp plus to drive it ? before anyone asks I dont want spfh due to running costs.
  14. Joeblue

    Feeding zero grazed grass

    Just about to start feeding zerograzed westerwolds . What feeding levels r needed with it for freshlu calves cows milking 30l plus.
  15. Joeblue

    Fertilizer for westerwolds and forage rye

    I set westerwolds and forage rye after maize in october .Both crops got 2 bags 18.6.12 /acre on seed bed and a bag in mid jan plan is to zero graze in march if needed or ensile in late april before ploughing. Should i give another bag of urea now?
  16. Joeblue

    Jcb 414 warning light

    Red light coming on with piston in type of a circle . Any ideas ?
  17. Joeblue

    Jcb 414 warning light.

    Hi all, another red warning light has come up on my jcb its a piston in a cicrle. Any ideas?
  18. Joeblue

    Jcb 414 aux switch

    Hi all., Have a old 414 jcb , she is blowing the fuse for rhe auxiliary switch . Any ideas?
  19. Joeblue

    Jcb 414 warning light

    A Red warning light came up on my 414 today it is in the shape of a box ,open on the top with a arrow coming out each side on the top. Any ideas?
  20. Joeblue

    Forage rye/westerwold fert.

    Just sat forage rye and westerwold after maize what fertilizer is required for them as hoping to zerograze in spring. The land is all idex 3 and 4