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    I was talking to a college the other day, does anybody know if a PA certificate is needed to spread granular fertilizer. We use 20-10-10, in a Amazon spreader. Thanks
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    A quick question, when spraying grassland for animal grazing. Do I need an argronomist report or not as long as i follow the regs and application rate on the side of the box.
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    Newman crop spray

    Has anyone used newman crop spray. What is it effective on, and whats the application rate. My line manager bought the stuff without telling me it just turned up and i have no idea how to use it. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Cow licks

    We have just taken on a new lad about 23/24 years old. And he keeps telling me the cows are healthy because they have licked themselves," Look how many lick that cow has really healthy" he keeps repeating. I've never heard anyone else say this. Is the licks a thing or is he talking bullocks. Any...
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    topper blades

    Afternoon all i've just been told that when traveling on a public road my topper blades should be covered. Does anyone know if this true, if so where can I get covers from. Its a bomford tri wing. Thanks
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    Ragwort control

    Hi everyone I work on a stud farm in Norfolk. We have areas of grassland for grazing for horses. As it't on Breckland the soil is very light, not ideal for grass but ideal for ragwort. Does anybody know what spray we can use to control the ragwort. Leaving the horses out of the field for a few...
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    Stud farm i could have a mcconnelsr460 or a bomford4600. Any advice on whats best.
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    Mcconnel SR460 or Bomfrod 4600. Whats best. Any advice welcome