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  1. Timmy k

    A bit of begging but not for me

    I feel a bit cheeky asking this as you lot probably get ask all the time but here goes. A friend of mine who loves his deer stalking has asked me if I know of any ground he can go on. All the places I have are either deer free or well sown up with syndicates or what not. Now before you fob this...
  2. Timmy k

    Who runs their own shoot

    From other threads I see alot of you enjoy a days shooting, do any of you run your own or do you just buy your days as and when. And if its your own is it for social or economic purposes.
  3. Timmy k

    Putting time aside to just enjoy

    As everything now is about covid or the fact the world's going to end if you have one more sunday roast, what do you fellas do to for fun, something to take your mind off all the doom and gloom.