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    1000l molasses or similar

    Local wynnstay should stock it, if not they should be able to source it!! Otherwise Dennis brincome? What area are you?
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    Crossing sheep

    Depends on how much work you want in the long run, personally I'd go beltex but make sure it's the right type of beltex not the short little ones, that way you'll have a decent ewe lamb worth something to keep or sell, a tup lamb that will be the top draw might even make a tup! (if there pure...
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    Beef fattening units

    Remember reading about this type of thing a few years ago, few farmers from north Wales we're doing it there biggest benefits where obviously they had more room too keep breeding cows etc but the one thing that stuck with me and made most sense......why haul lorry of this a lorry of that a wagon...
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    Builth Babes

    Good sale to be fair, but by damn it was cold
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    Robbing Bxsxxxds

    Pitty really can't keep a few sharp lims in the field with them, or just a few quiet welshblacks with big horns just too keep people on there toes......if there's no right of way in there is the farmer still liable?
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    Livestock house

    2 shipping containers, a concrete pannel and weld gate hooks the opposite side, few purlins and sheets on top, no need for any planning as it's all removable
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    Pedigree Beltex Sheep

    Keep me tight lambing time or singles anyways,it's a case of being cruel to be kind good hay and block/bucket and that's all they get here
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    Wynnstay stock it
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    What Markets in Mid Wales Wednesday Next Week?

    If it was a Thursday you'd catch rhyader
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    What Markets in Mid Wales Wednesday Next Week?

    Nags head just outside berriw on the main road good food and b&b
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    water bowser

    It was washed out a few times, will water up too 30 stores lasts around a week-10 days depedns on the weather
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    water bowser

    Father has one, old slurry tanker, all welded up sealed etc then underneath at the lowest point there's a pipe welded on to attach a hose to connect too the water tank that's attached to the side of tanker, filled using a hose pipe takes 4hrs too fill
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    The Beltex is supreme.

    Anyone wishing to dip there toes in the pond, got 7 yearling beltex ewes for welshpool Monday 23rd
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    The Beltex is supreme.

    But when your investing that much money in too a single sheep surely you should? Or is it just me being tight haha
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    How many kilo's of bullnuts do you feed to finish beef cattle

    Question is how quick do you want to finish them? Ad lib id have thought
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    The Beltex is supreme.

    As a breeder and keeper of beltex, I think they do need a little more 'care' than a hill or tougher breed, but I do believe many a people do abuse tups (not just this breed) over work them pull them out of the ewes chuck them all back together then there not seen untill following year! Iv always...
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    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    Bullocks and lambs should never hear the church bell ring twice in the same field Rain before 7 finishes before 11 Farmer will rather loose money than loose grass (when stores and couples are dear in spring)
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    Carmarthen Mart

    I took a delivery there last week, apparently problem getting the water back on is what I was told
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    Thinking of getting a I mad

    It is indeed