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    Missed a calf on bcms

    As title suggests a birth was missed on bcms last week, and we have had five more born since then - all been tagged. Is there a way to register the calf born last week rather than today, essentially giving it the correct ear tag number and moving the other 5 calves down one?
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    3m trailered mower conditioner

    Looking for a new 3m trailered mower conditioner. It would be replacing a 20 year old krone, cutting around 200 acres a year. Currently considering either a Claas, krone or Kuhn but would be interested on people’s thoughts on other makes too?
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    Mengele SH30n shear bar

    Hi, I’m looking for a shear bar for the above, if anyone can help?
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    Sambron J24s Gearbox

    Looking for the above, anyone know where I can find one?
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    Long lasting fence posts (FG2 grant)

    We have a large amount of fencing to do under the countryside strewardship FG2 grant. This states that; Use softwood timber that is fully peeled, coated with wood preservative and pressure treated, or treated with an approved preservative - untreated durable timber can be used as set out in...
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    Carriage Drill

    Was speaking to someone the other day about a drill with this name, which was a trailered combi drill where the Seed coulters were in between the powerharrow tines and the packer? Does anybody know anything about these?
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    Next bull for suckler herd

    Hi all, we currently run an ayr calving suckler herd which are limmy x Friesian (from the old dairy herd here) put to a Simmental bull which produce some cracking calves. His offspring have then been put to a Saler bull as a separate herd, but the calves have been disappointing in comparison to...
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    Hiab flatbed trailer from York to Chippenham, Wiltshire

    purchased a 18ft Hiab trailer and am looking for haulage quotes. Tractor both ends for loading/unloading Cheers