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    Roller door spares?

    The question mark is because I can't find any mention of them anywhere. Asking because my brother just b...ed the bottom yard of the grain store door when he left the loader bucket up when re-entering this morning. This means that the bottom "bars" need replacing, as presumably it's impossible...
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    Looking for a 650/60-38 tyre.

    The back tyre on my spraying tractor has just literally gone pop, and so I'm looking for a 650/60-38. I got them on eBay and they were originally off a trailed sprayer so if anyone has got one or knows who would be likely to have one please let me know. If it's relevant they are Trelleborg Twin...
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    Controlling groundsel?

    Annoyingly, I see that I've missed a strip in one of my wheat fields, which is nearly at T1, and a large patch of well grown groundsel is very noticeable. What can I use to kill it, given that all the chemicals in the spray store don't say that they will control it? Presently I have Eagle...
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    Rebalancing a largish fan rotor?

    Just refettling an 11kW fan for a grain drier. The fan is about 3 ft diameter and because it's been left outside, the assembly must be rebalanced, so was wondering if anyone had any ideas for doing it. At the moment I was just going to turn it gently by hand and after seeing where it stopped...
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    New Red Tractor crap.

    Just read that Eustace has said fertiliser use must be reduced on crops in order to meet our CO2 commitments. We can only hope that producers in other countries not covered by these sort of regulations will nobly reduce their use so as not to compete with us unfairly.... Or will our great...
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    Matbro TS270 relief valve constantly blowing.

    On my loader the relief valve keeps blowing if the controls are not used for a few minutes, but when you try to, say, raise the boom it does not respond until you move the steering wheel a few degrees. Then the relief stops blowing and the boom rises. Is this a fault in the priority valve?
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    Crazy tillering in spring wheat.

    Trying it this year after a twenty year gap, and I'm amazed at the shear number of tillers plants are putting out, whether it's emerged poorly or well there are at least ten tillers on every plant and one on its own had at least thirty before I stopped counting. It was planted in early April...
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    Spring barley varieties tillering rate

    Does anyone have experience of the different tillering rates of the main varieties on the market? Is there any real difference? I'm thinking of varieties like Planet, Diablo and Cosmopolitan. Any help gratefully received in order to fill in my ignorance, having not grown it since 2013!
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    MagGrow anyone?

    Just been looking in the latest Farmers Guide, and see mention of the MagGrow system of spray drift reduction. The makers claim a two thirds reduction if you use a mixture of manifolds through which the spray flows along with magnets in the booms just before the nozzles. My main thought was...
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    Humour in the FMJ?

    Just got the latest issue, and saw a new piece of absolute twoddle in it, in the review of the Kubota on the cover. On page 20 it's shown pulling a small square baler with the hilarious headline " The Kubota made light work of baling". Perlease, I remember in my youth pulling this sort of baler...
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    Mass lodging of Clearfield rape

    It's very disappointing to see that my crop of Imperial has lodged across most of the field - whilst a small area had too many plants, a lot of the field had a population of 15 - 20 plants per square metre and I was expecting stems like tree trunks. However even in area with 10 ppm2 the stems...
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    Electric grain passports threatened...again!

    Just seen an article in Old Yello, saying that electric grain passports are being talked about again! I can't believe that farming members of the Grain Liaison Group are even entertaining this idea, as last time the suggested scheme was appallingly one sided. The grain trade would not make a...
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    Pressurising hydraulic accumulators

    The front linkage on my MF uses an accumulator for shock absorbing, but the diaphragm has failed, so I was wondering who would sell a cheap 0.7 l ready pressurised one. If they're not available pressurised. are there companies around who'll do this for me?
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    Post emergence black grass control after no pre emergent?

    My last field of wheat planted (in the last week of October) was heavily rained on before I could put on the pre emergent. How would you suggest I control the black grass now emerging - use something like Monolith, or try flufacinet type herbicides which claim that they are good even applied...
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    Ally persistence?

    Stupidly I mixed some Ally Max in with the weed control of one field destined for OSR this autumn - stupid because the normal method I use for planting rape is scratching and drilling, and the Ally label says you must plough before planting rape in the same year. Does anyone know if this advice...
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    Hannan shows that he's not fit to be an MEP...

    As well as espousing the sale of chorinated chicken, Daniel Hannan is lambasting anyone who dares to disagree with him, using the common shysters trick of not answering criticism with any sort of debate but calling them names - can calling them commie pinkos be just around the corner? These...
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    Crops magazine?

    Having just noticed that I've not received any issues of Crops for the last few months, does anyone know if it's ceased publishing?