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    Anyone using Cobiotex cubicle bedding? Thoughts?
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    Robot farms cubicle bedding routine

    Hi all I'm just interested to know how other robot farms bed up their cubicles? By hand? With a machine? Every day? Twice a day? Or every few days? We are currently bedding up twice a day using a hand scraper to clean down the beds and applying sawdust/lime mix by hand. We have rope scrapers...
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    Cowcare or pollock rope scraper system

    Hi I am deciding between the two manufacturers. Has anyone had any experience with either. Good or bad. They are both around the same price Thanks
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    Feed fence ideas please

    I'm just in the process off finishing a small extension to the main cow shed for a crush area. I also want to use the area to feed cows when the crush is not being used. I will be feeding silage outside but I'm looking ideas on how to keep the silage dry and also stop the wind. I can't use...
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    Manitou 728 telehandler seat

    Hi all Where would I get a seat for my manitou 728. Or could I get it welded up and reupholstered somewhere?
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    1 year crop??

    Hi all I have been offered 25 acres of old grassland for one year only. It would not suit dairy cow silage as the grass is mostly natural grass and weeds. Also we would not have enough heifers to graze it. What crop could I sow and harvest to feed dairy cows that would be cost effective? Last...
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    Apple cider vinegar for dairy cows

    Has anyone ever fed apple cider vinegar to their milk cows. Ive been asked by a local apple processor to add apple cider vinegar to the TMR to see if I notice any changes. Also how much per cow would I need to add? Thoughts appreciated
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    60 cow robot herd grazing option's

    Hi all Currently have a robot in 18 months now. Cows calving all year round averaging 10,000 liters. In the summer I buffer feed plus zero graze by day from March till October. Last year I run into problems with fresh cows dung being loose and bad fertility and feet. I put this down to lack...
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    3 phase Chinese Generators

    Hi all Looking at buying a 3 phase diesel engine generator. Seen these generators for sale on the internet. Brand new unused for very little money compared to other makes. Anyone any experience with these generators? It will be used to run a Lely robot if there is a power failure. Likely...
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    Tulip centronic Variable rate sower and topcon x14 gps

    Hi all I am considering buying a tulip sx3000 centronic variable rate sower. For it to work I need a speed reading from the tractor. I was wondering does anyone know if it is possible to connect it to my topcon x14 gps? Thansk
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    Single rail feed barrier

    Hi all I am after some advice on the positioning of a single rail feed barrier. Currently it is bolted to the upright off the shed (picture below) but cows are pushing too much against it and some have rub marks on their necks. Vet has advised 50 inches above where she stands and offset 6-9...
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    Plastic footbaths

    Looking at buying a plastic footbath for dairy cows coming out off a robot. Any suggestions on what make to go for? Quite like the idea of the intra bath but not sure if cows would like it so much. Thanks in advance.
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    Winter wheat wholecrop

    I'm a newbie to wholecrop as a feed for dairy cows. We have a small acreage in as a trial this year. It was sowed on the 10/10/2016 with Reflection WW. So the question is what is the optimium stage to harvest to get the most feed value out off it? It is currently just past the milky stage...
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    New Holland TM 150 alternator??

    I have a TM 150 and the PTO wont engage. I was out sowing fertiliser and it was working fine then it suddenly stopped. The battery warning light came up on the dash and the rev counter stopped working also but everything else seems fine. Would it be a faulty alternator?
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    TM linkage calibration

    So we have a slight problem. We started today to calibrate the linkage on our TM150. The reason was that she was only lifting to 97% and we couldn't get the hitch to go down. We done the following. Key off Unplug the wire from that pot Key on for a few seconds Key off and plug the wire back in...
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    Manitou mt 728-4

    My manitou has burst a hose going to the 3rd service just inside the front of boom . does anyone that has the same model know whether you have to take the hose out the full length of boom or does it join anywhere before that.
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    Diet feeder tractor

    Thinking about buying a second tractor to put on single rotor tub feeder. About 70 hp would be plenty id say. Looking something cheap and cheerful something about 5 or 6 grand. Anyone any ideas would kind of tractor I could get for this sort of money?
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    Straw bedder for bedding calves

    We are after a straw bedder for bedding the calf shed. The biggest problem with most of them is the dust they create. We have tried a good few bedders but are all creating to much dust because of the high speed involved with blowing the straw. Has anyone got a machine that doesn't create much...
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    New Holland TM 150 power command transmission problem

    I have a New Holland TM 150 which keeps jumping out of gear. The error code CP comes up. I have tried to calibrate but it won't let me. The error code f27 comes up. Any ideas?
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    IBC'S for calf hutches

    Hi All Anyone on here using 1000 litre IBC cubes for calf hutches? Never reared calves in hutches before but we are running short of housing so I was thinking IBC'S would be a cheap option. Thanks