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    Boris and his little grey matter

    He has just written 2 more billion pound chqs,while rushi is saying business in this country needs to invest with what .This country is heading into deep trouble and it’s like watching a slow motion car crash every time boris opens his mouth.
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    Class variant 360

    Has anyone had problems with net wrap application
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    Boris and his little grey matter

    Or rather lack of it,what Flippin cuckoo land is he living in.So busy helping every country but his own.Just seen on the news public tax payers money been used to advertise for small business well all business I guess to reduce their prices to help cost of living.This country needs MPs who had...
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    Goodbye suckler cows no ai service.

    Any other companies that will store semen,I have a lot in long term storage with genus from some very old blood lines and paying too much .Farm flask would be no good.
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    A world without inflation

    I remember my fathers wage paid the rent and food and a bit left over .Now everyone wants spending money for holidays,clothes and rubbish they don’t need.Food and rent is low down because they have got so used to cheap food ,cheap energy ,cheap fuel so the bit left after first choice spending is...
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    Boris,EU and Ukraine

    Maybe a stupid question but if they left interest rates low and ride out inflation rate surely the economic benefit would be better for business and everyone .The rising costs of fuel etc are out of everyone’s control,raising interest rates won’t do a damn thing for those who have money to spend...
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    Boris,EU and Ukraine

    Boris seems to have endless chqs to write out and making promises ,to look good.But it’s maybe time to get a grip on his own countries problems .If Ukraine joins the EUROPEAN union where does that leave dear Boris with any trade deals with them.Let’s face it Boris and Miss Truss are not liked by...
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    Interest rate rise

    A lot of people had payouts ,but fuel,food and electric costs are out of control of the person on the street.No one is supposed to have any money but look how many are heading off on holiday,the amount of folk buying holiday homes to let off that market is about to crash as over supply.It’s the...
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    Interest rate rise

    I only picked up the last bit but sure the person speaking said the only way to break the inflation rate is for the bank to rise rates and force a recession.
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    Best way to get rid ,in a min till system or is ploughing the only way.
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    Seagulls on muck heap

    What on earth attracts seagulls to a muck heap.A neighbours muck heap for the last week has been covered in them.
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    Best way to deal with a non paying tenant in rented farmhouse

    My houses will be hard to move from Dto C,so 7 good paying tenants who are happy in their homes could be asked to leave if this stupid plan goes ahead.I asked the inspector on the last EPC what was needed to get to. C knowing the structure /age was an issue.He said goverment wants landlords to...
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    Has anyone a link about the grant for vets livestock review,sorry if I haven’t got the title correct.
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    Food prices,have I missed something

    Just seen on the news M&S thinks prices will fall shortly,someone explain how thats going to happen with current costs or has someone decided to import everything.Yet again its food they want cheap ,without food you won’t need gas and oil you will be dead.Who advises these folk.
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    Bank governor in 'apocalyptic' warning over rising food prices

    The worlds gone mad and the idiots running round like headless chickens is not helping.Has this goverment or any of them a real understanding of the mess food production in this country is in.Just how the hell is raising interest rates to control inflation going to work ,they want people to...
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    Increased flooding due to development

    Anyone know someone who has advice on the law and planning which includes the EA and IDB. It concerns a large development going to be built on and near a flood plain ,with it’s only drainage into a river which floods our land and neighbours.It’s clear water will have to be discharged by the very...
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    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    Anyone else heard the news last night £4.5 million a day for mirgrants keep.Just think how that money would help uk folk
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    Leave by example

    So Boris plans to cut civil servant’s ,as heading leave by example.How much drift wood is there in Parliament to get rid of
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    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    Rents on property have increased due to the constant demands of rules of this goverment and the expectations of tenants wanting new carpets,etc ,and rent arrears.Just wait until the landlords start selling when all property has to be epc C and gov expects landlords to pay up to £10k per...
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    Interest rates

    The state of everything just shows what idiots have been in power,the whole world seems to have been at the mercy of 2 countries,Russia and Ukraine for gas,oil,food.Yes things have been too cheap,but wages and income for the normal Harding working public are not keeping up with costs.Not...