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    Strava cyclists TFF

    Hi, looking some advice, I have a mtb tyre size are 27.5x2.8, looking for a rack for the roof, what is best? I have one atm but the wheels barely fit, (tyre straps too short)fine for short journeys. Does anyone know if the Thule 598 pro ride and adapters work well? Or is there any other options...
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    Finished weight lowered,

    My point was that often they introduce changes to the spec/ grid with what seems to be on a whim. Farmers can’t just switch things around in a week or a takes time. iirc when the horse meat scandal was on it didn’t matter about size. Hey ho it’s a good job Watts Kennedy’s and Rennie’s...
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    It’s great you can bring stock back from the markets. We’ve done it ourselves. I’ve never brought them home from the abattoir. And the don’t give me back the the extra beef/ lamb that they don’t pay me for.
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    Finished weight lowered,

    Pack size for supermarkets, no one asked my opinion? Must’ve have missed that questionnaire
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    Where will Larry source his beef in a no deal.....

    Maybe the Irish will start selling their abattoirs over here if they see no profit in the job. Too few players sadly.
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    Finished weight lowered,

    One like doesn’t seem enough
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    Finished weight lowered,

    Just thought earlier everything goes in cycle. Will they get enough beef from all these natives or will there be lots of cows going back on the hills? Good times ahead?
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Like what?
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    For Sale Privately

    You can take a horse to water but .....
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    Stena line p and o promo codes

    Try Donegal travel. Always found them good and competitive
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    Land purchasing

    Deep pockets
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    Darlington Mart

    Nice looking spot
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    130 vegans storm a slaughterhouse

    Might need some training on how to handle stock. Maybe red tractor or QMS could help them.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Heard some folks getting close to £4.50 DW this week. (Scotland) They were desperate for sheep.
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    'It's our time to rise up': youth climate strikes held in 100 countries

    Will parents be able to fine schools for missing out on a days education like some parents get fined for taking a day out of school to go on a family holiday a day early?
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Going somewhere else or something different?
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    Criticising the Prophet Mohammed is now illegal.

    What is the golden rule?
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    Criticising the Prophet Mohammed is now illegal.

    Can science or a scientist become a god? Or a scientist theory?