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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    25 N means 25% Nitrogen. ie 250 KG of Nitrogen in a tonne/cube Not sure how you get 32 N from an application of 100 lts ?? It would need to be 32 % N ???
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    No pheasants from France

    Pheasant eggs from Spain , OMG Worlds gone mad !!!
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Markets go up, markets go down !
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Yara 35 S £698/cu. today
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    Pool prices

    Yes, correct. I had 260 tonnes in that pool. !!
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    Pool prices

    Frontier, Jan. - March £185 !!
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    Sclerotinia on rape

    Light leaf spot looking more of a problem here. Put some leaves in a plastic bag and then into the airing cupboard for 3 days, you might be surprised !
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    Spring oats sowing rate

    Hope you did not use Kerb on you OSR ? Oats wont like it !
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    Bare minimum N rates

    We did quite a lot of low input wheat growing back in the 0 ty's. when wheat was £60 tonne. From experience would not go lower than 160 kg / N per Ha. Yield really dropped off at lower rates. Wheat/ Fallow rotation.
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    Liquid fert calculations

    Stop thinking units, liquid is litres. Kg's /ha, far easier. You'll be talking pints and gallons per acre in a minute !!! Just trust the chart if you need confidence.
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    Direct Driller lime article

    We paid £118/tonne for calcifert lime. WE use variable rate spreading and can do the job ourselves . It is more expensive but we can use our tramlines and do it when we want. Have applied up to 1tonne/Ha, in patches. Good product. Hope that helps !
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    OSR and Urea

    Has anyone mixed OSR seed with urea prills and drilled down the the same coulter ? Will it burn/scorch the seedling ? ( drill has two hoppers )
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    Manganese group buy - from £460 per IBC

    Paid £469 for 1000 lt. IBC Frontier 15% Proleaf
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    Input inflation followed by a PRICE CRASH?????? deja vu

    New era, new price band . MAYBE ?? I am feeling on the ' bullish ' side though !!! Down side £150/tonne ???
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    Can hear the Worms moving ?

    You guys have got to stop sniffing that stuff !!!
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    What does Red Tractor cost you in cash terms?

    Costs us around £500/year. Do not have a problem with that. Not sure what all the moaning is about ? Far to much of that at the moment !!
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    Your current weather.

    About 2.5 cm here. Stopped snowing and very foggy now.
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    Another diary date - insecticide free

    They are a bit slow !! Some of us conventional farmers have already stopped using insecticides .
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    50% 1st wheat 50% fallow/cover/stubble

    Indeed I do ! fallow , beans and OSR are my current breaks. 6 year rotation. Yields of wheat after fallow are as good as after rape and beans, on my land. Fallow/wheat was/is a very simple way of farming. Maybe more difficult on heavy land ?
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    Red Tractor wasting money?

    Come on, peckers up. don't let the Bas----ds wear you down. With wheat at the price it is I think it is not a bad time to be a wheat grower. Do not intend to join any schemes !! If you stick your head over the parapet , you'll get shot at.