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    Compressor Advice

    don't buy chinese couplers for the hose, they are rubbish and leak
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    Feeling sleepy especially after eating lunch?, cures please.

    Make sure you are sleeping well, I had a sleep study and needed a cpap machine.
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    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    I'm interested what people think of this video ?
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    Openreach over reaching their authority

    While this was openreach (BT) the other telecom companies now have free run to use BT ducts and dig for cables. Its all rather sad, its a race to the bottom.
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    Dry or Lube?

    I have been using grease and oil for the last 50 years. Maybe its obvious but keep a jam jar with oil an old paint brush and old toothbrush, then its ready for action. :)
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    Check your tubeless tyre valves. Isuzu etc.

    Worse when you are driving down the road and they snap off :confused:
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    Sheep Worrying Conviction

    It was the RSPCA
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    Sheep Worrying Conviction

    In our case, Step 1 get a dog control order on the dog. Step 2 the dog was out of control again owners and police dog handlers could not catch the dog. step 3 the police made sure the dog was destroyed.
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    Arthritis of the spine.

    This is a normal thing that happens to us, BUT its important to keep moving as much as possible otherwise thing will get worse.
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    Non Standard Construction House

    Getting a mortgage will be the problem, the house might last another 100 years BUT mortgage companies don't like them and thats why they are cheaper.
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    Farm needed, rental/buy

    Wales prices have doubled in the last 2 years so I think your focus will have to be wherever is the cheapest place to go. The experts are saying prices are dropping but from what I see prices are still going up :(:(:(
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    Budget lighting

    If you buy cheap light fittings put them where they are easy to change if they go wrong somewhere you can reach.
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    Mains Electric Earth

    Handy if its in a place that you can clean the connection if you need to, a steel bolt rather than a brass bolt and plenty of water, :)
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    wiring failure

    Well done for doing the repair, maybe its time to get everything checked over before it lets you down again.
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    DIY UPVC Door Install

    As others have said try double glazing companies and try watching freecycle or place a wanted ad. :)
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    Charging Batteries

    It won't do any harm removing the tops but smart chargers in my experience are quite gentle.
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    Dealing with depression - suicidal thoughts - Join the conversation (including helpline details)

    Yes xmas your expected to be happy, happy happy we just treat it as another day :(
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    Enlarged prostate?

    The trouble is bladder not fully emptying causes bladder stones and in my case was caused by a high bladder neck which I had adjusted so no more tamsulosin.
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    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    George, thank you for the reply, hopefully someone local will be able to reply about Caithness area.
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    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    Please is there any difference in permitted development rights (12 and a half acres) in Caithness to England and Wales ?