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    JD 6215R v Case CVX240 weight

    Has anyone put a Case CVX240 over a weigh bridge? Trying to compare to a JD 6215R which according to the brochure is 8.5t but the Case claims 7.3t. Lots of varibles here such as weights, fuel ect and shipping weight varies to operating weight Case is similar dimensions with 25hp extra and its...
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    Bag Filler With Dresser

    There are a few bag filler buckets on the market but can anyone think of a way to dress wheat seed to remove anything that might block the drill that can be attached to the bottom of the bucket. Stones bigger than a winter bean or 2" long bits of straw for example . Would need some kind of...
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    Gem/Case 24m boom sections

    Would like to convert a Case 20m sprayer to 24m. Need the second section for both sides. Could be a trailed or demount to dismantle. Ours is 1998 year as there are variations
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    Grain Merchant's not sampling

    In normal times our 3 grain buyers send some one to take grain samples. We then have 3 lots of results to compare but at least 2 have said its too risky and here are some sample bags to send to us. If we keep the 1 set of results to ourselves and not bother send the others sample bags are they...
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    Air Diffuser's

    On a Cayena drill would the fitted air diffuser's make a seed blockage monitoring system defunct? Its a rare event to get a blockage but most happen at the coulter from soil plugging. The seeds will blow out the vent won't they?
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    JD Starter Motor

    Any tips for undoing the bottom mounting nut on a JD6400 starter. Seems very tight, do I need to make a special tool
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    Kuhn PTO shaft

    A bit disappointed when our new Kuhn 5004R turned up with 8 hour grease PTO shafts having seen the above before buying. Has anyone got the 250hr ones? Local dealer says they only come with the rigid version not the folding.
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    CAT D7 on plant trailer

    Herbst make a Beavertail , 16tonne carry 13tonne(20') that I'm thinking of buying. Will this be man enough to move a Caterpillar D7. Believe its a 7M series, its from the 1940's. No blade just a swinging drawbar . Bit of research comes up with 11tonne Have I answered my own question?
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    Claas Tucano 570 Combine

    Running a Lexion 540 at present and require 30% or so more ouput. Anyone running a Tucano 570,preferably the 2016 model,with the single rotor. Not sure we can get the output from the straw walker combines so we may have to go up to the hybrids to achieve 40t/hr in 10t/ha wheats!!
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    JD 7800 clutch adjustment

    Clutch pedal has dropped down a bit and not fully disengaging drive when applied especially when warmed up. Can you adjust these? Can't see a master cylinder anywhere but they must be hydraulic. Think I can see a cable from the pedal. Thanks
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    More Traction

    Need a bit more traction for the moler. Get to a tough bit and struggle to pull it which is not good enough. Got the power but what would you do for another 15% grip? Not gonna use duals and the rear 710's are about 60% tread left and used at 10psi. Got some ideas below but what order of...
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    Defender 90 Drop Arm

    Trying to replace the drop-arm that comes from the steering box on our Defender 90, but can't get it off the spline! In the picture you can see our 2-prong puller done up as tight as we can. Had plenty of WD40 and even a little heat (bearing in mind the box seals which we don't want to ruin!)...
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    Horstine granular applicator We still use a Kuhn Aero for fert spreading because of its headland accuracy and windproof performance etc. Aero's have not been made for some years and ours is 19 years old, I wonder if this Horstine is up...
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    Solideal tyres

    Anyone had any experience with Solideal R1 tyres? They have been recommended for our loader(R20"x405/70). Mainly for concrete work but occasionally on dirt tracks when dryish. They have a more hard wearing industrial type tread. Used in construction a lot apparently. Cheers
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    JD 7800 rear links

    Want to use our 7800 with an old DP7e (6 furrow) plough for a few acres a year. A setup we used many moons ago but the lift arms pick the plough up far to quickly IMO which has fractured the headstock. Is there a way to slow it down to a gentle raise! Cheers
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    RDS Delta 34

    The screen info on our Delta 34 takes a while to appear having stood for a day or 2. Presume it needs a new battery soldered in as its over 10 yrs old. Does anyone know what sort I need to order?
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    Toprex fungicide for OSR

    Toprex recommendation(£18/[email protected]) for visible green bud stage plus prothioconazole. Never used it before claims to have a PGR effect as well. Anyone ?
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    Weasel v Bunnies

    We used to have lots of rabbits around the woods going back a few years but Weasels have been spotted on several occasions and seem to be controlling the numbers. I have seen them on acrobactic bunnies back on 2 occasions - amazing. Not many rabbits left but are the weasels doing any harm...
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    Turbo woes

    When changing the engine oil filter on our Cummin's equipped SP sprayer we remove the clean air intake tube from the air filter to the turbo for easier access. But the spindle, now exposed, that goes through the turbo could be moved up and down about 2mm's. It did spin freely. Not the sort of...
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    Grease on MFWD U joints

    Some of our John Deere's have grease nipples on the front wheel drive UJ's and some don't. Thought they must be sealed for life but in the manual,of our 7830 for example, it says remove plug and screw in a grease nipple every 250 hours. Never have in 2000hrs does anybody else? Some kingpins...