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    Selling small bales from the field?

    I used to buy around 20 tons of small bales at one stage, ok if the farmer has a flat eight ect to load the lorry, seen stacks ( uncoverd) in field when I went to see it once, not flat 8's though one of those squeeze grabs, there was a downpour of rain all night, the farmer in this case was...
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    Tonga Volcano

    I know nothing about the area but I'd have thought there will be cows/ goats or pigs ect for milk and perhaps eating, but if they are graizing or foraging that'll be off the menu, not a good position for the locals if they don't have feed put aside for them.
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    Suzuki 750 quad

    A friend has a 500 Suzuki and one before, I've used his for years taking my peat down and for going for miles across the hill when Beach Cleaning, they've never missed a beat, he leaves it sitting out in the open 24/7 in the Scottish Highlands, starts every time.
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    Tonga Volcano

    I wonder how the animals are doing on Tonga if they are outside along with a covering of ash ?, I believe they get some/ all their water from collecting it from roofing, can't see that working if there's ash on everything, they're not mentioning it on the news.
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    Harvest worker seeks potato carting work

    Harvest worker is looking for potato carting work, accommodation required, paye
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    Where does "bottled" milk come from.

    I am in Wester Ross, I hear the bread and milk isles in some of the supermarkets in Inverness were bare the other day, I noticed on the local shop there was only one or two containers of milk. No doubt the shortage is down to the motorway closures in central Scotland as everything seems to come...
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    Harvest work wanted

    Harvest work sought after appearing to be let down by prospective employer. Work perferably to carry on till Novemberish. 10 harvests done on various farms in England also 15 on the same farm. Corn carting, cultivations ect contact for CV. Accommodation required, own transport. [email protected]