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    Front Linkage For John Deere 8430

    Front linkage required for a 2009 John Deere 8430 with ILS. Thanks
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    Starfire and EE

    Is anyone else having problems with their starfire losing signal? We have a 3000 dome and apparently the reason is because of an recent upgrade to the EE network which uses very similar bandwidth/frequencies. I made the point I have paid for a service, but John Deere want me to pay for the upgrade…
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    Hydraulic gear motor help

    I have this gear motor on a seeder unit, what does the valve do on the end? I am wanting to reduce the amount of oil going to the return as the oil flow rate is really high and want to reduce the tractor flow. This should allow me to keep the oil pressure at a reduced flow. thanks
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    Has the Mid Tier server crashed?

    In the final throws of doing the mid tier and it has crashed on me. All our internet is fine this end, is anyone else having the same problem?
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    Electricity connection advisor

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to people who can advise on electricity connections, measure current usage and plan electrical systems? Being speaking to WPD who gave us a £65k budget estimate, which is fine but have now comeback with a more accurate estimate of £350k. Trying to find...
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    Recommend me a carbon product

    Can anyone recommend me a carbon product to mix with liquid fert, and then a second one for use with fungicides please. There are lots available but I am not sure whose marketing to believe! Thanks
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    Belvoir View Farming

    I am looking to buy some reared calves from this company. They are relatively new to the game and was wondering if anyone had had any dealings with them. Many Thanks
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    150+ Weaned DairyX calves

    Wanted 150-170 DairyX calves. Must be a native Sire, no Blues Many Thanks
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    Cattle and slugs

    I have never had success direct drilling wheat after osr. I have tried doing it on the green multiple times and failed, and I have tried into bare land and failed. Slug grazing has never been an issue as they have hollowed the seed before then. Now I have some cattle I was thinking of adding...
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    What is a kiwiX?

    Excuse my ignorance but what is a kiwiX? I am assuming kiwi Friesian crossed with Jersey but is there a min or max of each? I am looking at Hereford KiwiX calves for a pasture based grazing system but am concerned about too much Jersey affecting size/ growth rates. And if there is a market for...
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    High tensile electric fence

    I am having a go again at stock farming after a 15 yr absence so a couple of questions? What is the maximum recommended run length between ratchet tensioners? The field is 850m long. Do I need to split it into 2 lengths or would one be ok? What is the best method for attaching poly wire to the...
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    Forage Brassicas and CSFB

    Do forage brassicas suffer from csfb in the same way as osr? I am in Mid Lincolnshire and have never had any problem getting the crop of osr established, it is in the Spring where the rot (literally) sets in. A forage crop would have been eaten by then. I have no luck planting kale in May, it is...
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    Which packer roller for a shallow stubble cultivator?

    Last year I converted a 6m discordon to a shallow tined cultivator. We ran it last year at 6m wide, but the frame was made to allow a working width of 7.5m. All I need to do is extend/replace the packer. I am not a big fan of the original emopacker (similar to a dd ring) because it consolidates...
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    Too hot for liquid N?

    I am putting 300ltrs 30N +11S on 1-3 leaf wheat in the hope we get some rain tonight (it looks less likely every time I check the forecast...) They are now talking of it getting to 18C today, and there is not a cloud in the sky. Pictured is one of the thinner patches and one of the better but...
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    Spring oat seed dressing, is it prudent?

    We are farm saving some canyon spring oats. Is it worth putting redigo pro on? They have tested at 96% germ and 1.9 vigour (very good). No disease testing done. They were new seed last year. Thanks
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    Otico wheels for a seedhawk

    Have any users of a seedhawk converted the press wheels to an otico? My originals are perished to the extent you can fit your finger through a couple and I see it is now an option. A replacement original tyre is £60 each, vs an Otico at £82 each with no punctures to worry about. Vaderstad...
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    Dual wheels reducing traction?

    Would having dual wheels on reduce traction? I have a JD 8430 dualled with 710 rears and 600 fronts pulling a ld subsoiler and we can’t get it to grip. It is tough going but we are sat at 20% wheel slip. The dual wheels give us more contact but spread the weight more. It currently weighs 16,600...
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    Waste Water Nutrient Testing

    Which firms do you use to test the quality of waste water? We have an industrial unit which produces a lot of waste water with food waste incorporated in it and want to see if it would be suitable for AD. Many Thanks
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    Kuhn prolander

    Is anyone running one of these as a primary stubble cultivator on heavy land? I am looking for something like a Horsch cruise but without the cost. The Kuhn looks less substantially built, but has a higher trip force per leg than the Horsch. I am only looking to work 50-75mm deep. 50mm in the...
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    Kockerling Vario

    Is anyone running one of these on heavy land? I want to work the land 50-75mm deep with a machine with narrow tine spacings. Are the tines and frame robust enough and how much power do they take? Currently looking at a 7.5m one. Thanks