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    Just seen a reference to "brank " being cut with a binder and stacked in the 1920's. Was it grown for game bird food?
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    Winston Finch

    Could someone please give me an address or postcode for Sunday's match. Many thanks.
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    Inaccurate drilling

    Took a drive around the flat fenland in North Cambs and South Norfolk and was surprised to see so many gaps in the emerging cereals. Regular gaps between drill widths and small blocks missed altogether. Tram lines all appeared ok. Am I right in thinking that in the days of conventional drills...
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    Which blue flowered crop.

    In East Cambs today saw two fields on unknown to me crop. Didn't have phone so no picture. Interested as to what it is. Light blue, about a foot tall, in drills, annual, land was bare in early spring.Single stem branching out into branches of small blue flowers and seeds rather like barley ears...
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    LAMMA 2018 Travel

    Aim to arrive at 10.30 and leave at 3.30. Journey time by rail or car is about an hour. Convenience more important than cost. Which is best? Is there a long walk on the car park? Are there long waits for buses to and from the station.