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  1. DevonDuckie

    Have you taken part in any Future Farming Resilience Fund events recently?

    Has anyone taken part in the interim phase of the Future Farming Resilience Fund over the last few months? There is an independent study being carried out where you can feed back your opinions/experiences (which will ultimately be fed back to Defra), so if anybody wants to feed back (in the form...
  2. DevonDuckie

    How is coronavirus affecting livestock auction marts?

    Hi. Can anybody on the inside let me know how coronavirus is affecting the livestock markets anywhere in the U.K? Are you still able to attend? Are more people going deadweight? Are any marts under threat of closure as a result of social distancing measures? Have any of you been to a market...
  3. DevonDuckie

    Prince's Countryside Fund - Future of Livestock Auction Marts - Have your say!

    The Prince’s Countryside Fund has commissioned academics at the University of Exeter to undertake a study on the social benefits of, and prospects for, livestock auction marts in the UK. We want to know what you think livestock auction marts contribute to the agricultural sector, the rural...
  4. DevonDuckie

    Contractors crucial to agriculture

    I've had a great response to my research on farm labour and am discovering how important contractors are to farms. But getting interviews with contractors has been almost impossible. So can anybody tell me on here, do contractors, especially the small self-employed set ups, receive any kind of...
  5. DevonDuckie

    Farmers and farm workers needed for research

    Hello. I'm currently working on a PhD looking at the current situation with farm labour in the UK, specifically Devon and, more broadly, the South West. In spite of relatively large amounts of research being conducted around farming in the UK, very little has been done on current members of the...