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    Upgrading to more powerful lights on a Volvo excavator.

    What wattage is the light bar? And what wattage were your original bulbs?
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    Tedder/rake wheel/tyre assembly. 16x6.50-8
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    Smith tractors Launceston - any experiences

    I hope you’re only joking here and realise this is a scam website
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    IH 574/Kontak hydraulic valve block

    Should there be a spring on the cable end below the cap? This would push the valve in when the tension is removed from the cable?
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    Yamaha quad parts

    Did you call them? They’re pretty good on the phone, but if you know what you need it’s quicker to order on the website.
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    Yamaha quad parts

    Quad bike wales
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    Ford New Holland 5030 plumbing

    Or this one
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    Ford New Holland 5030 plumbing

    Would something like this do. It’s cable operated, but you may be able to modify
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    VRT’ing a tractor in the South of Ireland.

    Don’t know about tractors, but with cars you don’t have to pay the duty if the car was first registered in northern Ireland. If it was first registered in GB, the. You have to pay the duty. I’ve noticed the phrase “suitable for export to ROI” on car adverts lately, ortherwise I wouldnt have...
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    Recommend me a quad bike.

    Personally, I wouldn’t. I drove one across a dealers yard once, and that was enough for me. Big, heavy, numb thing. But it may suit you, u never know to you drive one. Sure there’s not a while difference in the price of red and petrol now
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    Recommend me a quad bike.

    McKays in Cushendun had one a while back. Might still be there,was in massey livery.
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    Recommend me a quad bike.

    Yamaha 450 is rated at 80kg on the rear rack. if you want 150l and diesel, you need a John Deere gator, polaris ranger, etc. Yamahas are automatic. if going Honda, don’t buy an Electroshift, as it needs your left hand to change gears, which you’ll need for spot spraying. I only drive an arctic...
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    Matbro TR 200.

    You really need to get it driving before making a bid. You could easily spend 6k on it if the engine and Gearbox need work, and pivots and headstock need line boring and bushing. Some parts are obsolete. If it has the old style pump with priority valve, the priority valve is no longer...
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    Quads have no diffs?

    Sorry, meant to quote this post
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    Quads have no diffs?

    The diff lock is only for the front differential. It needs to be a diff, else you couldn’t steer. Yamaha refer to the rear final drive as “drive shaft” on their parts diagram. It has a crown wheel and pinion, and the rear brake discs are also inside the housing. Some parts companies, like all...
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    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    Jefferson(aka McIntyre‘s Kilrea) have tools for all budgets, so you have to watch when buying that you aren’t buying diy spec, but a 300l compressor should be decent spec. But even then, they wouldn’t be rated as top notch, which is reflected in the price. It’ll be a copy of a sealey, sip...
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    Best battery charger

    Just out of interest, what stage does it fail in? Your basic charger only does steps 3 and 4.
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    Best battery charger

    The ctek will cut out if it stays in one stage for more than 20 hours, maybe 24 hours. Only happens if you are trying to charge a large battery with a small charger, or your battery is faulty. Eg if trying to charge a 120ah battery with a 5A charger, it will cut out as the charging time is too...
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    Good Quality Hot Water Pressure washer

    Go and visit your nearest new Holland dealer and see what they use. Will probably be used every day washing tractors and equipment before going into the workshop. Other dealers are available, but we all know New Holland‘s leak oil for fun, so the hot wash will get a lot of use. :)
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    Kramp on line account

    I don’t have an account, but seen a screen from Tom Pembertons video once for Milwaukee tools. It definitely wasn’t cheap, although I’m assuming that was a retail price displayed.