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    Sheep Scanning

    Having mine scanned in a couple of weeks- just wondering how it’s going for people so far this year.
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    Kuhn plough shares

    hi I'm looking to put new shares on my kuhn ploughbut not sure wich size to use, 14 or 16". The plough is set for 16" wide furrows so 16" shares maybe? Thanks
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    Claydon sr

    hi , my old combi drills getting a bit tired and thought I might swap for a used claydon,problem is I've only 135 hp available ,would this manage a 3 m for a few years until it's time to swap tractor or is there no chance it would deal with one . Thanks lr
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    Log splitter

    hi, thinking of treating myself to a log splitter but not really sure what to go for , size power etc.I've been looking at hydraulic ones around £500, are these any good? Any thoughts and advice would be very helpful. Many thanks
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    Kuhn spreader discs ?

    Im looking to spread at 12 m with a Kuhn axis 30.1 .My local dealer says the s4vxr discs will be the best but the book says s2 ,it's already got the s4s on so I'm hoping he's correct . Any advice would be very helpful ,thanks