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    Upgrading a Lely RP245

    Currently running a lely 245 and have been lely for the past 2 balers previous. While all of them have been near enough problem free there is a few differences on the new MF baler that i am not too kean on. So what have other people changed to? I will be looking at a mchale but probably the...
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    Silage additive

    what silage additive would be best suited for baled silage? I see most brands are designed for pit silage so not sure can they work with bales? Bales will vary in dry matter between the year depending on the stock it will be fed to. Used provita animal heath additive last year but was thinking...
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    Sowing grass seed

    I know there are many different ways! We have been using a wag tail for donkeys years but have been thinking of cutting out one job and trying to one pass it with a air seeder mounted onto a power harrow has anyone tried this and how has it established? We normally run a chain harrow over after...
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    Hedge cutters

    Looking at replacing the hedge cutter for next season but unsure of which model mchonnel. Extra reach will be handy and the mchonnel 5860 has caught my eye but dont look as strong as the 5565 . has anyone any experience with the 5860?
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    Mchale f5600 over f5500

    Is the mchale f5600 worth the extra money compared to the mchale f5500. Does the tractor need the power beyond to run the f5600? The main advantage we see is the density and net adjustment on screen.
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    Kuhn GA6501 or Krone TC640

    Looking at the two above rakes. Currently running a kuhn GA6501 but the hydraulic width adjustment on the krone is tempting which isnt an option on the kuhn. Looking at these two rakes for the narrow transport width. The current kuhn isnt steering axle but don’t really have any trouble getting...