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  1. Deutzdx3

    Orchard sprayer for project.

    Evening, Looking for an old orchard sprayer chassis and fan for a proof of concept project. If any one knows of some thing going cheap let me know. Looking mostly for the fan assembly and frame. 🤙
  2. Deutzdx3

    McConnell rhino gearbox nut

    Evening, Having trouble finding the correct nut that holds the hub on the bottom of the gearbox on a 6ft McConnell rhino. Any one know if it’s specific size of nut. Standard castle m24 fine thread doesn’t seem to fit the gearbox. Bought a 1” unf which doesn’t fit either. Seems to be 25mm on the...
  3. Deutzdx3

    Looking for a Headstock

    Evening, Looking for a headstock or two for a project, some thing off a buggered flail, either front/rear mount or just front similar to the one in the picture. Can’t find any one to bend rectangle box.
  4. Deutzdx3

    Deutz fl2511 engine

    By chance, does any one have a working or non working 2 or 3 cylinder deutz air cooled engine for not silly money. Around 30hp
  5. Deutzdx3

    Fella front mower rpm/pto direction

    Just bought a fella km250f, she is of an age, theres no info saying direction of pto or pto speed. Being a drum mower there aren't any gearboxes so guessing 540 but front pto normally is 1000 rpm. Guessing anticlockwise sitting in the tractor seat for pto direction. Any help appreciated. ?
  6. Deutzdx3

    McConnel rhino

    Does any one have any gear box model numbers off a twin rotor rhino 9 or Bomford/spearhead equivalent? ?
  7. Deutzdx3

    Small Radial arm drill

    On the hunt for a radial arm drill, not a massive one mind. If any one knows of any thing. ?
  8. Deutzdx3

    2m packer type roller

    Evening, I’m Looking for a 2m toothed style packer roller for a project direct grass seeder I’m looking to make, If any one has some thing sitting in the hedge, gathering dust etc I would be interest if sensible money. [emoji106]
  9. Deutzdx3

    Manitou loft ram split

    Not mine, just seen on Twitter, pretty sure I’ve heard of manitou rams splitting before. Maybe on here. Not good though, they don’t make the rams but surely after a certain amount of time they should be checked irrelevant of brand.
  10. Deutzdx3

    MF 35 tachometer query.

    Morning, Just put a new tacho in to my dads little 35. Do they need calibrating? Reason being, throttle wide open only just goes to pro speed(1600 ish) but not to belt speed. Old one that was buggered went all the way round. Wrong clock perhaps? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  11. Deutzdx3

    4kw motor with flange

    Has any one got a 4kw motor with a b5 flange they would sell.
  12. Deutzdx3

    Organic conventional bale value

    Any one have any idea of what a certified organic conventional bale is roughly worth on the open market right now.
  13. Deutzdx3

    Any deutz khd experts on here?

    Thinking of adding a turbo to the dx3.9 has any one done this? Not looking for huge power gains. A bit like the turbo added to the old massy 698. Is there much that needs doing to allow the engine to cope. It might be a non starter but interested in exploring the idea.
  14. Deutzdx3

    Exhaust relocation

    Manifold that directs the exhaust through the bonnet of my deutz dx and the price to replace was silly. Decided to take the opportunity to move it to the pillar. Hasn’t taken to long to do. Made my own pillar silencer with a slight pedantic deutz cab shape. all parts made, mocking up location...
  15. Deutzdx3

    Kubota kx61-3 hydraulic filter location.

    Can any one tell me where to find the hydraulic filter on this digger? Need to service it but can’t find it for love nor money. [emoji106]
  16. Deutzdx3

    Comer bearing replacement.

    Asking for a friend, he needs to swap out two bearings that have failed. Any one have knowledge of stripping the 205-805 boxes apart? I haven’t seen it to see what’s involved. Cheers.
  17. Deutzdx3

    Front linkage

    Looking for a front linkage to fit 90hp tractor. Can adapt if need be.
  18. Deutzdx3

    Defender wheel spacers

    Any one have a set of wheel spacers for a defender they want to part with. Looking for 30mm ish that’ll fit an early Salisbury axle. [emoji106]
  19. Deutzdx3

    Buying An Ag machinery manufacturing company

    I’m in talks with a small machinery manufacturer to purchase their ip from them. They use to make toppers in all sizes, finishing mowers, mechanical drop feeders, fertiliser spreaders, flails, hedge cutters etc. Atv mowers Mostly grass machinery which is more my interest. Being the uncertainty...
  20. Deutzdx3

    Old Isuzu 2.8 injector pump problem

    Does any one know about these pumps? Have a 2.8 in my old defender. Has been running ok, fuel bleeds back to tank daily, now I can’t get any revs. Barely keep it ticking over now. Changed all fuel, new diesel filter. Not changed lift pump but thinking about it. Any ideas? Pump rebuild? Typical...