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    breed fat lambs or pedigree flock

    I have a mix of pure Charolais ewes and mules and wanting to go with one or the other either breed fat lambs or breed Charolais tups, which would be more profitable and how would I go about doing the pure breds properly , sell as tup lambs run on as shearlings and dose it matter if there...
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    Store lambs or breeding lambs

    I’ve a small flock of about 40 sheep and lambs and 20 acres and they seem to be causing a lot more problems than it’s worth as I don’t have a lot of time to be messing about catching them up all the time I know that’s just typical sheep but thinking about getting rid and buying in store lambs...
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    Tips on adopting lambs onto sheep

    Had a ewes lamb died and trying to mother on 2 pets who are keen to drink but sheep not like them at all any tips or tricks that could help me out cheers
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    sheep tags for market

    when doing movement papers for breeding sheep do you just write the uk number and x how many there is or do you have to write the full number out as there’s not many boxes on the sheet just wondering how you go about it
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    breeding sheep trade

    what’s in lamb ewes worth this year on an average continental types mules , Texels ext and what do people think ewe and lamb trade will be like this spring? just wanting a rough idea
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    Tup hire prices

    A local bloke is wanting to hire my pure Charolais tup for his ewes, don’t have a clue what to charge what’s the going rate to hire a tup? He’s only a shearling n payed £800 for it at beginning of autum. Cheers
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    Cost of round bailing

    How much would it roughly cost to get 16 acre round bailed and wrapped.
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    Which breed or breed combination produces the best fat lambs

    looking to buy some more ewes and thinking to go with pure Charolais as I sold some char x tex fat lambs for a good price, wondering what other people thought produced the best fat lambs
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    can you sell fat lambs that are lame?

    I’m taking the last of my lambs to market tomorrow but there’s a few lame ,nothing more than abit of scold but wondering if there still okay to sell as it would seem pointless to keep 2 or 3 back.
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    What services or products are in demand for farmers?

    At the end of the day I want a good paying business which I enjoy doing but not sure where to start. I have a great interest in agriculture and I'm wondering which if there's any product or services farmers need but cannot provide themselves, e.g. spraying, tillaging, bailing, that kind of stuff...
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    Charolais sheep

    Which do people think will be best putting a texel or a beltex to Charolais ewes will produce the best breedings stock (stock rams, breeding ewes)
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    which industry of farming do you advise to get in?

    which industry of farming do people recon is the best paying e.g arable, dairy, pigs, sheep ext.
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    Is their a future in farming?

    I’m a young person who’s interested in farming but not sure if there’s a future for me in farming and wondering if there’s money to be made as I enjoy farming but there’s no point getting into it as a main profession if it’s not going to make me a living?
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    Making money in sheep farming

    I am a young sheep farmer with a small flock of mules and Charolais but I’m wanting to know which aspect of sheep farming i should get into which would be the most profitable eg pedigree , prime stock , breeding sheep ext. thank you