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  1. Adam@Rumen

    Building a shed just to rent out

    Hi We rent some old sheds out here, and constantly get asked if we have any availability. This is for a wide range of things from car workshops, van conversions, small offices, business storage and everything in between. Has anyone put any sheds up for the sole purpose of renting them out...
  2. Adam@Rumen

    Inert waste disposal

    Hi Does anyone do any inert waste disposal? Had someone here doing groundworks who was talking about it… sounds interesting if the figures stack up?
  3. Adam@Rumen

    JCB 531-70 not starting

    Hi Have a 2012 construction spec 531-70 that won’t start and wondered if anyone had any advice. The forward reverse shuttle broke so got a new one and put it on. Ignition comes on like normal but when the key code is put in (accepted fine) there is no click and it seems like the immobiliser is...
  4. Adam@Rumen

    Steam Cleaner

    Hi Need a new steam cleaner... Any particular brands to focus on and any to avoid? Cheers
  5. Adam@Rumen

    Network rail access

    Hi Had network rail lad here earlier (spoke to missus) about wanting to access railway from our land to trim back trees and vegetation. Few vans and a mini digger for a week apparently. Anyone been in this situation? Asked what the going rate is for access he seemed quite woolly and said that...
  6. Adam@Rumen

    Working out rental value?

    Hi Is there a formula for working out what rent can be achieved for a yard and/or unused buildings? I appreciate different areas of the country will have different values, but how do people come by these figures? Cheers
  7. Adam@Rumen

    Makita hand tools any good?

    Hi Aware that Makita have a good reputation for power tools, but are their hand tools any good? Want a socket and spanner set to keep in the truck and this has caught my eye: Cheers
  8. Adam@Rumen

    Non payment of development/uplift clause

    Anyone ever been in or been aware of the situation of having to get money back for triggering a value increase development clause? Reason I ask - a while ago some land about 10 miles away got sold with one on. Turns out pikeys have bought it... be fun trying to get a payment out of them? Just...
  9. Adam@Rumen

    Loading Hardcore into dump trailer

    Hi Got a load of hardcore to shift 2 miles into a new yard, going to move it with dump trailers. I was going to load it up with telehandler but a mate said loading with an excavator would be a lot better? Excavator is going to be at the tipping end so would mean hiring one in, and it would have...
  10. Adam@Rumen

    Electricity to new yard

    Hi Putting a new yard in on a new site and want to get electricity to it. There is electric crossing the land 150 metres from new site (3 cable wooden poles). Where is the best place to start with this and any tips please? Cheers
  11. Adam@Rumen

    JCB Teletruck - anyone got one?

    I'm thinking a JCB Teletruk could be quite handy with the 4wd option and a boom to load lorries from one side. Anyone got one or know much about them? They're certainly strong money... Cheers
  12. Adam@Rumen

    Leaving machines running when not in use

    Do you? If you're getting back on/in it, how long is acceptable to keep it running?
  13. Adam@Rumen

    Narrower JCB headstock

    Hi Use a construction spec 531-70 for moving pallets and IBCs around at one of our sites. It has got the standard Q fit headstock, but this is wider than some of the pallets so can be a pain when loading and stacking. Is there any way to change to a narrower headstock? It only ever has pallet...
  14. Adam@Rumen

    Digging & Planning for hard standing area

    Hi Wanting a bit of a hardstanding area in a field to park some kit on. Will keep it under 465 m2 to keep it within permitted development rights and so I won't need to get any consent? Would JFDI but I've a feeling one of the neighbours might be a bit of a bellend. Whats the best way to...
  15. Adam@Rumen

    Choppers on tracks?

    I've never seen a forage harvester on tracks... a lot of new combines are on tracks these days, how come choppers aren't? Or does anyone have one/seen one?
  16. Adam@Rumen

    What Telehandler to get?

    Hi Fed up of moving telehandler between sites, so want to get another one to keep permanently at an unmanned site we have. With it being unmanned I don't want anything too flashy or expensive, it will also only do about 10 hours a week. A budget of £15k looks like it could get something half...
  17. Adam@Rumen


    Anyone used an online service for their land purchases/sales? Will be buying and selling a few bits and loathed to pay more than I have to just because someone's local.
  18. Adam@Rumen

    Home and Dry

    Hi We are pleased to announce that we have been made distributors of FiveF's Home 'n Dry. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements. Many thanks Adam
  19. Adam@Rumen

    Forklift/telehandler wanted

    Hi Looking for a forklift or a telehandler please. Only going to be used on a site for shifting a few pallets around so the less glamorous (and cheaper...) the better. Cheers Adam
  20. Adam@Rumen

    Dropside trailer length - 14/16/18 foot

    Needing a dropside trailer to go behind pickup for running pallets about and other general stuff. 14-16 foot would be enough for what I need it for, but an 18 footer has come up locally for the same money. Are there any down sides to the extra length? I suppose I need to check how much weight...