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    MF last banner lane tractor...

    Would anyone know what the serial number of the last built 43 tractor was?
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    Should I be annoyed?

    I just spotted an implement, a customer of ours has swapped for another brand, but didn’t ask me for a quote to problems there, it’s a free world and down to personal choice, but the machine was bought off patch, then when we started we took over a machinery franchise, and looked after...
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    Recommendation for US-Uk container shipping....

    Would anyone have any recommendations for container shipping from the US-Uk (Missouri) ...I need to get a price sorted to bring a 20ft one in...thanks in advance
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    KV TS Drill...any for sale? Preferably 6 m....

    Hi, I have a customer looking for a Tine seeder if anyone has one available...
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    Demo drill emergence

    Just been to check on some fields done with our demo Kverneland U Drill...very happy, ground was very rough, had been trod badly during the winter, DTX’d then winter wheat drilled 17 days ago, 2nd leaf was just emerging and approx 180-200 mm of growth...I’m sure you guys may tell me different...
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    Machinery Spends winter/spring 20-21

    So I have a pile of winter/spring stock order policies sat on my desk...and i just thought I’d stick a finger in the air and see what people are thinking for the next 6 months...we are very fortunate to deal with all sectors so have a good even spread of farming customers, but my biggest...
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    Importing American machine...

    Hi, had anyone any experience of importing anything from the states, it’s from Missouri...I’ve no clue on shipping direct, machine would be new but the company is currently only us based!
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    Simba x press and st bar

    Does anyone have a Simba x press , and even better one with an ST bar lurking about for sale? Cheers in advance
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    Amazone uf1301 sprayer

    Hi, has anyone ever made a amazone uf series 18 m sprayer into a 24 m cost effectively? I have a 24 m one I could of sold 4 times over, but an 18 coming in, (immaculate) so was thinking about wether it’s worth the bother or not? Cheers
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    High houred JD7530

    Evening, I’ve had a look at a very tidy 09 7530 today, done 11,000 hours, front links, pto, 50 k,autoquad, manual spoils, good tyres, at least 30mm on rears, 40 mm on fronts...struggling to get my head round what she is worth....realistically! Thanks in advance
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    Vicon/Kv Unicorn Beet drill

    hi , looking for any user experience’s of a Unicorn Beet Drill? Cheers
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    Schaffer pivot underwrite

    hi, I’m looking for someone to underwrite a Schaffer 9960 pivot steer loader....any ideas? Cheers
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    Kverneland CLC/CLD used

    hi, does anyone have a 4m Kverneland CLC or CLD for sale, (not the one at Brocks) thanks in advance
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    Carrot spacing?!

    Hi, can anyone help me with the approx seed spacing for commercial grown carrots on beds? 6 rows in a 1.6 m bed?! Thanks, Richard
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    Combine Harvester and Accessories: New Holland - TX66

    Combine Harvester and Accessories: New Holland - TX66 Category: Combine Harvester and Accessories Manufacturer: New Holland Price: £30000 Condition: Used Description: New Holland TX66 Combine, c/w 20ft autofloat header, SL cleaning shoe, chopper & chaff, 800 tyres, a/c, had been dealer...
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    Best work boots?

    Good evening, just asking peoples opinions of the best work boots. We have just set up a new Ag Dealers, and would be interested in people's opinions of what might be worth stocking?! Thanks in advance, Richard.