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    Which mule is best?

    NCM vs welsh mule vs scotch mule. Are they all fairly similar or is one particularly better?
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    Fly strike

    Having a really bad problem with fly strike this year in the lambs. All lambs have been treated with crovect. it has been reapplied to them all but I’m still finding new lambs with strike. Can anyone suggest a reason why I’m still having problems and also suggest a different spray?
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    Shed cost

    How much would a 70ft by 35ft shed roughly cost?
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    Turnip advice

    if you had 15 acres of stubble turnips and wanted to graze from November to March how many sheep would you keep on it? I know quality of turnip will make a difference but assume that they are average and would be grazing ewelamb mule crosses.
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    Lambing problem advice

    So I’m only keep sheep as a hobby (about 50). 20 are earlier lambers. Finished lambing them yesterday. All have lambed previously and the same tup was used and I didn’t have this problem last year. all singles lambed fine. I had 5 twins. all of them birthed themselves but 1 lamb was alive and...
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    Cade lambs wanted

    Anyone got any lambs going spare?
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    Grass keep powys/herefordshire wanted

    Looking for 10-20 acres of year round grass keep to let on a long term basis.
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    Anyone lambing powys Herefordshire?

    Looking to buy some tiddler lambs to go on some ewes. Happy to travel.
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    20 acres wanted in herefordshire/powys

    New entrant looking to expand current sheep enterprise. Looking for Around 20 acres on a 3-5 year FBT.
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    Advice on getting into Livestock haulage

    I’m in the process of getting my C licence (Theory done, waiting on a test date) then will be getting my C+E. I already have a transport of livestock certificate under 8 hours for the small holding I have. Is it worth getting the over 8 hours? As driving hours are restricted to 9/10 hours a day...