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  1. Deere 6430

    Kuhn plough furrow discs

    Wanted Kuhn plough disc, complete to go on the last furrow or any of the bits such as the brackets or arms anything considered
  2. Deere 6430


    Could some one tell me if kverneland Hydrein boards would turn the furrow over more AND OR if they would scour better in a clay loam than a dowdeswell UCN boards plough has discs on each furrow if it makes a difference If not did kverneland make a conventional plough with a board better than...
  3. Deere 6430

    Plough boards Hydrein

    Could some one tell me if kverneland Hydrein boards would turn the furrow over more AND OR if they would scour better in a clay loam than a dowdeswell UCN boards many thanks.
  4. Deere 6430

    John Deere Round baler control box

    I have a control box that can’t be repaired does anyone have a spare/surplus control box they would sell please its the baletrak box that suits a 582 but it is a fairly common box so fits 592 864 862 F440 etc etc anything considered urgently
  5. Deere 6430

    Peterborough to Gloucestershire

    A round baler from Peterborough to Gloucestershire asap if anyone is travelling that route. many thanks
  6. Deere 6430

    Spring oat seed

    Anyone got 50kgs or any spare seed. Could do with a bit to finish off a field after having to change the size after a new boundary. Closer to Gloucestershire the better but anything considered.
  7. Deere 6430

    Horsch TG bar and joker

    Wanted a 3 metre horsch tg bar and joker dont mind buying separate if someone has one or the other must be 3 metres really as 3.5 metres isn’t ideal but would consider 3.5 at the right price
  8. Deere 6430

    Spring wheat seed

    Just finished drilling and have a bit left over if anyone is short or desperate or has had any accidents with a bag (like we did a few years ago and someone very helped us out) KWS Cochise January 2022 dressed seed pm if interested
  9. Deere 6430

    Simba 3 metre xpress with or without ST bar

    Wanted a 3 metre simba xpress with ideally an ST bar. anything considered, cheaper the better so don’t mind something a bit worn out /requires work etc
  10. Deere 6430

    K80 ball hitch for John deere pickup hitch

    Wanted a k80 ball hitch, the bit that goes into the pick up hitch. anything considered but must be the 80 size.
  11. Deere 6430

    Opico air seeder

    Wanted an Opico or similar air seeder to fit on a set of Opico grass harrows. Needs 8 outlets for 6metres I believe. Anything considered.
  12. Deere 6430

    Older Lemken plough parts or breakers

    Anyone know someone who may break Lemken ploughs? Or have and skim stalks and or disc brackets for an older dl110 or simila? Tried the usual sources, such as les carter and dunns but nothing?
  13. Deere 6430

    3 4 05 5 furrow slatted mouldboard plough like a lemken Europal 6

    Wanted in good condition 3 4 or 5 furrow reversible plough lemken europal 6 or any other make considered but not a Rabe. must be in working order but anything considered it’s to fit on a four cylinder tractor so nothing too heavy is what I’m really after.
  14. Deere 6430

    Washing the sprayer

    Been on spraying with Crystal amongst other products and the booms etc have now become fairly yellow from the spray. What does everyone use for washing the residue off. Steam cleaner and detergent or something more specific, if so what? washing it in a wash down area so doesn’t have to be...
  15. Deere 6430

    Slatted boards or solid

    Trying to get this plough dilemma sorted and need everyone’s help with the boards. How many people run slatted boards? Our ground won’t shine boards, we are on a medium loam ground. It doesn’t stick to the points shins etc but from the start or midway on the board to the end, once it sticks it...
  16. Deere 6430

    Tanco or Dan Agri 1514 wrapper

    Wanted a tanco 1514 type wrapper for square bales. Must be in good working condition etc.
  17. Deere 6430

    Amazone Plough boards (same as Vogel and Noot)

    What plough boards are people getting on Amazone ploughs? Was thinking WXL 430 or a WY400 The Amazone informations lists a few options. But they list 4 types that are all very good?! Anyone got some experience would be great. I know the WXL can plough shallow and invert everything. Could the...
  18. Deere 6430

    Spike length for 80 cm width bales

    What is the best spike length for picking up 80 x 90 size big bales please there seem to be so many lengths? what do others use?
  19. Deere 6430

    Kuhn plough vari or multi master

    Looking at Kuhn ploughs secondhand, would the collective go for a vari master or a multi master if all other variables were the same. Have only have a fixed width before so unsure how much of an advantage having a vari master would be if any? are they best thing ever as you can adjust the...
  20. Deere 6430

    Diesel Road compressor help

    We have an ingersoll rand diesel road compressor but have a cooling problem. Should the engine fan draw air across the engine and PUSH it through the radiator ie the oppsi to a standard vehicle or should it PULL air through the radiator? I have a feeling the fan is not correct as it looks as if...