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    Howard hk 31 power harrow parts

    Anybody know where to get new or secondhand rotor shafts for a howard hk 31 harrow ? Maybe someone is breaking one Thanks in advance .
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    Ford 8340 Transmisson pressure light .

    The hydraulic pressure light, the one above the hare symbol is after coming on along with a beeping alert . Have changed all the filters but no avail The book says the symbol represents steering port , trans pressure . . A pressure test of the packs indicates the pressure is within its range...
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    Vaderstad roller

    Has anybody got a Vaderstad roller with crosskill rings?? If so how do you find it ? Asking as i am thinking of buying one . It is claimed by Vaderstad that the crosskill has a significant cultivation effect so might be a suitable alternative to running a power harrow ahead of the combi on...
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    Ford 8340 hare button not working

    The change up button is not working , the tortoise or change down button is . Anyone got any ideas on whats wrong ? Thanks in advance .
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    Mix and match ??

    Have one late sown field of barley to spray for weeds, have been holding of as didnt want to stress it and also was no weeds much . But with the promise of rain was going to spray this evening. Rooting through the chemical store ive un covered a litre of Starane 2 litre of Spitfire and a litre...
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    MF 6180 hydraulic pressure light

    The hydraulic pressure or trammisson light came on on our 6180 today while ploughing. I changed the filters which did not appear to be in bad shape but the light remains on . The tractor diff lock and pto are not working but everything else is fine When stopped for lunch it was out whem we...
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    MF 6290

    Just leafing through my freshly purchased copy of classic tractor and noticed that a massey 6290 with just 1600 odd hours made over28000 pounds at a dispersal sale. The buyer was a dealer from the south west so he will have to get a twist on it before it is eventually resettled with its...
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    Combine drilling

    Went down to Carlow on wednesday for the crops and spreaders event at Oak park Teagasc research farm . Very good day and lots of things of intrest, including wheat trials for septoria resistance . But the standout thing for me was the research that showed a clear advantage of up to1 and a half...
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    Nordsten ns 30 30

    Was wondering if the fine seed rings for a fiona drill will fit a nordsten ? Have 12 acres of spring osr to drill this week and as we have the fiona rings would like to drill it with the combi rather than using the MF 500 and having to do the harrowing first
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    Cow Stomach Magnets

    Anyone know where you can purchase these ? Vet does not stock them and i have a fair idea my cow has ingested wire from tyres. Eating poorly for last 3 weeks and prone to swelling. Vet has treated for acidosis , bloat displaced stomach etc but no improvement so maybe worth a shot ? Thanks in...
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    I changed the bearing on the shaker shoe new bearing and housing and it sheared the bolts after a few acres should i have used steel bolts? Or is there something else up ? very frustrating as in the last field and the origanal bearing going prevented the harvest been wrapped up three weeks...
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    Claydon for drilling westorwolds into s barley stubble

    Would a claydon be suitable for establishing westorwolds grass after s barley the grass would be cut with zero grazer ,would probably be drilled early mid sept. How long would it take to to reach cutting height? Thanks in adavance.