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    Money owed

    Been trying politely to get someone to cough up for doing some baling but have got pee‘d off with all their excuses ! Is it worth chasing them for five hundred through the courts . Never had this problem before.
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    Water troughs

    Have water troughs that are on shared usage with several neighbours where a meter would be completely inappropriate to manage. I’m contracted to water plus as no other company will give me a price for a trough rate. The bit that bugs me is that their prices have gone up 10% nearly . Does...
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    Auction v Deadweight

    Which system does everyone believe is the most trustworthy system?
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    Straying sheep

    Farmer A sublet his lowland farm to Farmer B who stocked it with several hundred fell sheep. These by their nature decided that the grass is always greener on the other side and ended up in Farmer C land . FarmerC didn’t like this and opened the gates onto a main road .An accident waiting to...
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    Wild cat

    Had some lambs worried,initially blamed a dog, but one lamb had like claw marks on it’s hind leg and recently there has been a sighting of a big cat thought to be a puma with a tracker on In the area. How would you go about dealing with this?
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    Neighbours tenant done a runner and left a bull without food what would you do?