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    Fuel price tracker

    I will order 15000 litres when I can get it for 100p
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    SFI application

    But how much of the money will stay in your pocket once you’ve paid for all the soil testing and fancy seeds, and established the fancy seeds? It will probably equate to about £6 an hour for all your time input.
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    Sustainable Farming Incentive is open for applications

    I suspect many farmers will, like me, think it’s not worth the candle.
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    Potato Prices.

    If prices do turn upwards there will be a rapid and substantial turnaround. I think there is however a fair overhang of old crop chipping supplies to contend with in the short term. They will be no good by October anyway.
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    Just think on those very high yielding seasons Crusoe suffers a yield penalty. In 2011 Solstice was outstanding here, but 2012 made up for it.
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    I reckon Solstice was a better yielded than Crusoe, and suspect Zyatt is too, provided disease can be kept in check. Anybody care to comment? Protein level is of course another story.
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    Family trusts

    Too many people want to influence the way the assets are managed long after they are gone.
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    Family trusts

    You need to let your kids bear the results of their own decisions; good and bad.
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    farming knowledge gone.

    Maybe, but my Dad always has pulled his weight workwise. He has been a great support to me and let me take the business in the direction I wanted to go. I have been one of the lucky ones😉😁
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    Family trusts

    Sometimes creating a legal framework to protect family assets from the worst possible scenario only serves to encourage that very scenario.
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    farming knowledge gone.

    Some of the most successful farmers I know had full control of their business at a young age, often because they lost their father at a young age. Perhaps some others who lost their father early on mismanaged the inheritance and disappeared into obscurity, I don’t know. What I do know is that...
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    What is this weed

    Cattle will eat the seeds and deposit them all over your pastures. Doesnt like being cut hard.
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    Taxing a quad bike.

    What group? Does it qualify as an agricultural machine with no fee?
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    It is some consolation that the fuel price is falling. Farmers are selling grain into a market where buyers are unwilling to participate. I dare say some speculators have caught a cold this week.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    But cash is king. Most farm businesses, whatever sector, are swallowing cash at an alarming rate; I know ours is🤕
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    Curious to know the main reason?

    You have to say yes to them all, if you say yes to one, it’s true. Usually I don’t really want any of them.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Buyers seem to have gone on holiday. The market won’t restabilise until they need to buy grain in volume again. I suspect there are a few long holders caught with their pants down.
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    Curious to know the main reason?

    My standard reply is: ”I’m sorry, but if I say yes to you, I have to say yes to everybody else. I hope you understand?” Particularly useful response to people with horses.😁😉
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    Opening Split

    Head for a landmark on the horizon if you can. The further away it is the better.
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    Partnership agreement

    Pay your money and get it drafted properly. For example, did you know that the terms of a partnership agreement take precedence over the will of a partner? If the two documents do not agree you are leaving yourself open to all sorts of problems.