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  1. tomildinio

    Nh TM140 outlet socket fuse

    Shorted the outlet/fag lighter on the tm. Is the fuse marked for something else? No obvious fuse in the fuse box... Many thanks Tom
  2. tomildinio

    Plug plants

    anyone buying veg plugs for transplanting? Are they dear? Usually do our own but want to push on more then current capacity and wondering ballpark figures buying wholesale from a propogator. Thanky
  3. tomildinio


    Now that pumpkins 2021 are over, looking at 2022. Anyone use black plastic mulch and transplant into it? I think it would be a real help with weed control. Any pros or cons. Does it need drip tape? Do I need a bed former rather then a power harrow? Thanks To
  4. tomildinio

    Sunflower safe herbicides

    Pre emerge didn't work of pdm as was too dry. Too hot and dry for kerb and that didn't work. Now have a lovely crop of fat hen, sow thistle, chickweed and knotweed. Graminicides are OK but need something for broadleaves. Was reading in Canada they us salsa, the osr herbicide? Anyone any ideas...
  5. tomildinio

    Phacelia safe herbicides

    Hello, I grew a couple acres of phacelia to see if I could harvest the seed just for own cover mixes and also to look well and feed some hives. It didn't strike well and is now full of chickweed and fat hen. Any phacelia safe herbicides out there? Muchos gracias.
  6. tomildinio

    Pumpkins herbicide

    Have transplanted out my pumpkins and watering them in today. Been harrowing weeds last few years to mixed results. I've read flexidor and kerb can be used over the top. What rates and in a mix together or just pick one? How late can you apply over the pumpkins? And are squash the same? Much...
  7. tomildinio

    Speed sensor from TM NH to calibrator zurf on a bogballe.

    Yellow I would like to mount a speed sensor on the tm140 for the zurf box. There looks to be no standout method on either rear axle or prop shaft. Has anyone any pics of a similar mount. There is no iso plug in a tm either unfortunately. Many thanks Tom
  8. tomildinio

    New holland tm

    Anyone wire monitors from cab to battery? What was best way you found to get wires out of the cab? Thanks ton
  9. tomildinio

    hand picking sweetcorn

    hello, has anyone any experience handpick sweetcorn and know how many is possible per hour or what not? by any chance? many thanks tom
  10. tomildinio


    So i abandoned idea of a claas and i bought a tm 140 instead. It looks tidy and so far so good. Runs drill very well. But... i was messing around and i made a bollix of something and now the speedo is wrong. Its all over the place. And i have no manual. Has anyone any idea of how to recalibrate...
  11. tomildinio

    Bogballe l2 lost to storm Doris

    hey gang, Me spinner fell off its stand in the storm the other day. Broke a few bits. Got the bits now. One of the openers and closers that's let the fert out of the hopper on to disc tore. How is the best way to change these? Do I need to pull off the agitators and then hopper then slide...
  12. tomildinio

    6320 replacement

    So, the 6320 with loader is starting to show a couple issues. Had some injector problems, electrical light problems and now pipe and o rings are starting bursting so decision has been made to change it. It does lots, bale carting, all spraying, fert spreading, feeding cattle in winter. Makes...
  13. tomildinio

    Any idea what this valve does?

    Its on a JD 6230. Pipe comes off it, disappears under the cab and I cant see where it goes then. Somewhere near the hydraulic pump. Either way, its pissing oil. Cant find diagram on jdparts either. Would it be the TLS? Many thanks.
  14. tomildinio

    Trying to get under the JD Side Console

    Trying to get into the side console of a JD 6320. Wiring issue I have followed as far as there. Have all the screws out, gear knob off, hand throttle off but the cover still will not come off. Is it screwed in from underneath too? Is there an easier way in there? Many thanks
  15. tomildinio


    Long-time lurker, first time poster. Anyone here have any experience growing pumpkins? Just can't, in spite of efforts, get the stale seedbed right. Probably because I transplant out and typically as soon as weather heats up leaving the weeds no time to flush properly first. I read online...