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    Spraying contractors

    Are there any spraying contractors in the Arbroath Scotland area on here?
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    Good Afternoon I have just signed up with basis and I am a bit lost. I am looking to go through the foundation courses first. I work full time so I was wondering how much can be done through online learning? Thanks
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    Cover crops/ploughing

    Discussion time....I am a sprayer driver and haven't had much to do with ploughing/cover/direct drilling. However I try to stay up to date. I understand every area. Soil type is different. What I see when watching ploughing is all the birds come down to eat the worms but aren't they good for the...
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    Liquid or solid fert spreading

    What's everyone's preference and reasoning for?
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    Evening all. Hope this is the right place. Looking to better myself this coming year looking into practical and theory courses. Is basis a good thing to do? anyone any experience with it? Not necessarily looking to become a full blown agronomist but like gaining new skills and who knows what...
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    Quitting smoking

    Anybody on here successfully chucked the habit? Tried a few times myself vaping,gum. Always go back to the cigarettes.
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    Pie in the sky Ideas

    Is it pie in the sky stuff to have ambitions of running your own contracting business in a specialised area one day with a yard and maybe a small amount of farmland for yourself? Seems like the big contracting boys have most areas covered and land and machinery is super expensive. Wouldn't...
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    Training/New skills

    Good Afternoon I am looking to extend my skillset as I find I am lacking in certain areas as we go into winter maintenance season. E.G welding,fabrication,general tips. I am looking to do this on weekends as I wont get the time off during the week. Is there anyone on here willing to pass down...
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    That rare day off

    Does anyone else find themselves stuck reading posts on here on there rare days/afternoons off? strangely addictive lol
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    Having a go...

    Hello or someone that's never had a go ploughing is it possible to go to one of these events and have a go with someone's machine? (happy to pay for the privilege) Maybe make a few friends along the way. Based in scotland btw
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    Norac UC5 showing no data

    Hello I have the above problem with once sensor on my sprayer. It is clicking and sometimes does show a figure although wrong. Will rebooting the system help?
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    Looking for an instruction manual multidrive

    Is there anywhere online I can get a manual for a kellands multidrive m380 2014 model?