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    Danish MF135 and 165

    In the summer of 1970 350-400 tractors were made in denmark. In 1969 there were a strike in the UK and the the Massey Ferguson company could not assemble tractors as fast as the parts produced. Are there any way of knowing what serial numbers these tractors had?
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    Massey Harris Pony - Different models?

    Hi. Can anyone give me a short rundown. What is the difference between Pony 811, 812, 820, 821 Gasoline All I might know is the 811 and 812 uses the simca 16HP engine and 820, 821 uses a peugeot 20hp
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    MF165 clutch

    Hi I bought a new complete 11" clutch for my MF165 multipower Clutch fits flywheel but I guess they changed casting on the main clutch cover!!! Adjusting tool won't fit the machined rear face. And 1" distance to the finger screws seems to tight. If I measure from the bell housing front face to...
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    New Holland 376 Rail adjustment

    Hi there I`ve made new rails for my 376 baler. The manuel do not describe how to adjust/shim them. only says I have to do it before adjusting the plunger. Are there any how to do this out there? Anyone know of a manuel that tells you how to do it? I guess the right hand rails are no brainer but...