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    Missed us again

    Thunder storms around last night missed us again apart from a little piddly shower pastures ate burning up
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    Beef expo

    Whos going tomorrow at darlington mart
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    Red tractor

    Probably been mentioned before but is there an outlet for non assured rape i only grow 20/30 acres and 20/30 acres of feed wheat to sell the barley i use myself its a expense that i could do without if i could sell the rape without there is outlets for the wheat
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    Moisture meter calibration

    Got a dictatorship inspection coming soon pulled me on not having moisture meter checked/calibrated last time sent it back to maker cost a fortune is there a cheaper way it is fine against neighbours but RT wont accept that
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    Is the site down as i cant get on
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    Court case

    The trial of the farmer in teesdale that removed the car from his drive with handler is currently ongoing at durham crown court
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    Stolen ifor trailer

    Trailer stolen off back of pickup in selby mart today be alert
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    Here we go again

    Masks in shops and public transport will we have some sort of lockdown for xmas
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    Live on facebook now

    Darlington xmas cattle show judging
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    National ploughing championships

    Next weekend in northumberland anyone goig
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    Autumn again

    Opened the shed door they can please their selves whether they in or out for a while silage and barley inside for them
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    DPF filter

    The DPF light has come on on my wagon dashboard still drives ok can you bl ow these filters out ive not a clue im useless with mechanics
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    Could of been nasty

    Crosshaft snapped on my ED kverneland plough good job it was in the field and not the road any where do used kv bits or is it a new one I get
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    Got the chance of digestate spread for nothing is it any good putting it on stubbles and ploughing it down
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    Wool payment

    Im sure it's been mentioned before but it cost over £400 to get them sheared good job I'm not waiting for it to pay the rent
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    The Anyone finished yet thread

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    Anyone finished yet

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    Optimum to sow rape

    Is it to early to drill rape yet thinking go next week ?
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    The joys of propcorn

    The easy bit is done combining 2 days on a propcorn applicator now
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    Thriving at grass

    A lot of them should be fat by the turn of the year