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    Buying Forage for Sucklers

    I think this has been covered previously but times have changed a bit recently! I’ve been debating the pros/cons of not cutting any of my own grass and buying in hay for my hill suckler herd. Cuttable ground only makes up 5% of the acres of the farm and generally yields very poorly, which...
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    Relocating Swallows

    Having just seen the first swallow return to the farm this year, it’s reminded me that I’d like to try and encourage them to nest elsewhere if possible. One of their nesting spots is in one of the old stone barns but it’s currently being converted. They don’t seem to like any of the bigger farm...
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    Used straw choppers

    Apologies if this has been covered before! My Teagle 8080 is on its last legs so I’m looking at replacements. Any recommendations? I wouldn’t really want to spend any more than £4k so it’s going to be a well used machine! Main thing I’m after is a good spread distance, electric controls would...
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    JPM low loaders - any good?

    I’m looking at changing in my 26ft bale trailer for a low loader to move swing shovel and telehandler around, as well as moving bales still. Good idea? JPM seem well priced, what’s the verdict on them? I’m not expecting it to be as well made as some of the more expensive trailers but it won’t...
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    The future of tenant hill farming

    Apologies if this has previously been covered in another thread. I’d be very interested to hear how other tenant hill/upland farmers are planning to tackle the next few years. I may be being pessimistic but, I keep seeing red flags where agriculture in the hills is concerned, from environmental...
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    Feeding cow rolls

    Just curious if anyone has a method of feeding cow rolls on the hill? I’ve been thinking about buying a snacker for a few years but not sure if they work with rolls? And covering rough ground? I’ve always just fed from bags but it can be a bit hazardous! Thanks
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    Finding a new working pup

    I’m going to be looking for a new working collie pup to join the team soon and I was wondering how everyone goes about finding a pup that will hopefully do the job? Do you just find a local litter and take pot luck or do your research, watch the parents work etc..? I’ve always thought of it like...
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    Recording Hill Ewes

    I’d like to start recording more with my hill ewes at lambing and I’m trying to work out the best method. They lamb outside with no feed and all very hands off unless absolutely necessary. I mark any problems as culls but what I’d like to try and do is work out which ewes are rearing the poorest...
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    Traditional style Angus

    Does anyone know of anyone breeding traditional style Angus cattle? Not specifically the native lines but the short legged, deep body hardy type….if such a thing exists in this part of the world anymore :unsure:
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    Potash Soil Deficiency

    Recent soil analysis is showing K levels at 0 on a lot of the cutting ground. PH around 6.0. The margins around the fields are showing good growth but can see where I’ve cut last year very clearly and the yields don’t look very promising! Is MOP the best long term option? And if so where would...
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    TM120 Pto cutting out

    I’ve been having trouble with the pto cutting out for a while on a Tm120 classic. So far I’ve check Alternator and wiring, pto speed sensor, wiring loom under the floor, seat wiring, the local dealers switched the pto brake solenoid around and did all of the above as well but It’s still playing...
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    Barclays Bounce back loan

    Probably been covered before but, Has anyone had any trouble applying for a bounce back loan with Barclays? I’ve been trying to contact my local ag manager but not returning calls, filled in the call back on the website but nothing yet. Not impressed! Has anyone had better luck with other banks?
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    Moving on from a rotor spreader?

    My very tired rotor spreader is likely on its last year, I’m toying with the idea of moving to a different type of spreader. I’d be buying a used machine on a lowish budget, I’m not shy of a few repairs if needed. Has anyone else moved from a rotor spreader? Any recommendations? Or should I...
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    New Holland TM120 pto problem

    I’ve got a problem with the pto on my classic spec TM120, hoping someone might have an idea on what it could be. The Pto will randomly switch off whilst in use, pto light goes off, turn engine off and on again and it will work again. Sometimes it blows the fuse, replace fuse and back working...
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    Downsizing from jcb 535-95

    I’ve had a jcb 535-95 for a little while now and I’ve realised it’s not the machine for me. It’s too big for my sheds, the visibility is pretty bad, lack of joystick for controlling aux hydraulics is a bit awkward and it’s very very slow up the hills, which there is many around me! I dread...
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    Has anyone experience with having biosolids spread? If so, was it worth it and would you do it again??
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    Vicon RF135 Baler, Any good?

    I should’ve asked this before I bought it...nevermind!..but I’ve just bought a Vicon RF135 round baler. Anyone have experience with these? Anything to look out for on it?
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    FYM before second cut?

    I’m going to push on for a second cut this year, normally get away with just one but the dry spell means first cut is pretty light. I’ve got some very well rotted FYM from last year, will I be able to get away with a light application before second cut? Plan is spread manure followed by spring...
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    Upgrade from a Welger Rp202? Square or round?

    I’m thinking of swapping my very tired welger rp202 farmer in for something a bit better. Any recommendations? Something with a wide pickup would make life easier! Mostly baling hay but occasional haylage. I don’t do that many bales a year so budget is in the £5k area, preferably less! I know an...
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    Kubota 161-2 Air in Hydraulic oil

    Hello, hope everyone is well! I’m having some trouble with my 161-2 digger. The pump has started making a squealing noise, hydraulic oil is milky with air bubbles and weak hydraulics on the machine. I’m not very clued up with hydraulics, any ideas what the problem might be?? Thanks