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  1. west coast angus

    New Nissan Navara

    I see you can get a brand new face lifted top of the range Nissan Navara N Gaurd with 5 years /100,000 mile warranty for just £21500. The face lift includes upgraded rear suspension, bigger brakes with disks on the rear, new seats, new manual gear box, better mpg. Sunfoof etc. Is this the...
  2. west coast angus

    M F 4709

    looking for a general purpose estate tractor, whats the Massey 4709 like? max budget £30,000 If I am barking up the wrong tree, please let me know what you think would be a suitable tractor? The tractor won’t do much hard work or big hours, would need to lift a tonne and very occasionally...
  3. west coast angus

    Cracked the straw shortage problem!!

    I am sure it will fit the cows:)(y)
  4. west coast angus

    V6 Navara

    Just been offered a brilliant deal for a Nissan Navara V6, anyone on here got one? or know much about them? i have got a normal 2.5 navara and have had 8 years of trouble free motoring and was looking to change,as clocking up the miles, but this has thrown me a curve ball, MPG will be a big prob...
  5. west coast angus

    Opened up my silage field!!!help

    Hired a 3t digger this week, to clean out ditches, and I have got carried away and opened up the silage field that is getting reseeded asap! Ordered pipe today, going to use pebbles off the shore to back fill, What I would like to know is how much stone is needed on top of the pipe? Trench is...
  6. west coast angus

    New cattle shed design

    Hi guys, New to this shed game, and would love to see what you think of this design, The sheds main job will be housing 35 autum calving cows and young stock. If i am well off the mark please tell me, all thoughts and improvements much appreciated, Many thanks wca
  7. west coast angus

    Suffolk x beltex

    We have 60 odd cross sheep that i tupped will the cheviot last year and the resulting lambs were nothing special, so this year i had a momment of madness and bought a suffxbeltex tup hes a fair sheep, Had a lot of sheep work to do and when i got the sheep into there tupping lots i forgot to...
  8. west coast angus

    Tag Question

    Got a tag question for you all, My own sheep are on a landless keeper 7000 code, i have now moved them to the place i run, still as a landless keeper, now when the sheep were at the old place when i ordered tags i used that location CPH and my flock number for my tags, but last night when i...
  9. west coast angus

    Pure Angus cows, what bull?

    Hi folks, We have ran a herd of 50 pure angus cows for about 15years, Its now up to me where the herd goes, now i am not going to rip the angus cows to bits they are doing a job, we are on hard hill ground in the highlands of scotland the cows outwinter and we sell calves store around 6 months...