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  1. Woolless

    VAT on holiday let income

    Hello all, We have a former bothy attached to the end of our farmhouse. The previous owner converted it to accommodation for a live-in groom for her horses. The addition of a door and a small kitchen will give us the option of renting it out as a self-contained holiday let, through Air bnb...
  2. Woolless

    Maternal Sheep Group: New website

    Evening all! Some of you may be interested in the new, improved website for the Maternal Sheep Group, a collective of performance-recording breeders of Easycares, Blackfaces and Lleyns. Profiles of the various flocks and sale stock now online: @Tim W @CopperBeech...
  3. Woolless

    High Index Easycare/Woolshedding Tups for sale

    Smart selection of seven tups for sale, commercially run on an exposed coastal farm in South East Scotland: Grass fed Performance recorded by Signet, high EBVs Some myomax carriers All enquiries welcome Barry Sangster 07794 276 724 (Easy Access from A1)
  4. Woolless

    Digital weigh-head cable problem

    My dog has chewed the end off the cable that connects the weigh-head to the load bar on my Rancher Gripper :mad:. Had a proper look at it tonight. I was hoping that the load bar end would be similar to the other end and would simply need disconnected and replaced. But it goes in to a housing...
  5. Woolless

    Cattle on plantain/clover

    I've got three six month old stirks here averaging 200kg, just turned them out onto a grass paddock near the house. I was thinking of moving them on to my plantain/clover/ryegrass mix fields, which would be the best feed on the farm currently. Anyone got experience of cattle on this type of...
  6. Woolless

    AI in sucklers

    Hello all, Just kicking around a few figures for current sheep enterprise and having a look at how some cows might fit into the farm business. Interested in some figures/views from folks that use AI on their sucklers: 1. How do AI technicians charge? By time/visit/insemination? How much? 2...
  7. Woolless

    Stock My Shed

    Looking for some advice from the cattlemen on here. I have an 18m x 10m shed, divided in to three 6m pens. Stone floor, straw bedding. Fairly low monopitch roof. Open fronted down the long side. How many medium-sized suckler cows or suckled calves (or combination of) would reasonably fit...
  8. Woolless

    Drones close down Gatwick Airport

    I know that some on here will use drones in relation to their business, interested to hear a few informed opinions. On the face of it, seems ridiculous that some idiot has closed down a major airport by flying his toy over the runway. And of course 'safety concerns' are cited as the reason that...
  9. Woolless

    Belted Galloways

    I have finally given in to pester power from the kids and the first bovines I've ever owned are now on farm: three nice heifer calves still on milk. I have a stage two in mind for the cattle project already and I'm now having fun considering all the options for stage three! Which brings me to...
  10. Woolless

    High Index Easycare/Woolshedding Tups

    Smart selection of seven tups for sale, commercially run on an exposed coastal farm in South East Scotland: Grass fed Performance recorded by Signet, high EBVs Myomax tested, Gold and Silver carriers Negative MV test 24/7/18 All enquiries welcome Barry Sangster 07794 276 724 (Easy Access from A1)
  11. Woolless

    Stagnant Wages

    I'm no pinko, leftie or class warrior but this is baffling/irritating me! We are at full employment, employers cry about not getting staff but wages are stubbornly low. Example 1: I work as a vet part time. Sorting through my veterinary journals for the past few months, read several articles...
  12. Woolless

    Lamb marbling/eating quality

    Just flicking through the Scottish Farmer from a couple of weeks ago and there was an interesting article in the sheep special: 'Suffolks: the Wagyu of the sheep world?'. Suffolk x lamb apparently comfortably won a taste test when up against Charollais and Texel x lamb and were second only to...
  13. Woolless

    Short of grass: Wean early?

    Following a tough winter and a cold, late spring grass growth has really taken off in the past five or six weeks. However, with only one decent night's rain over the same period, regrowth after grazing is really slowing up now. My neighbour is starting to see patches burn off and I won't be far...
  14. Woolless

    The Beast from the East!

    Scene this morning just in from the coast 10 miles north of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Easycare sceptics will note unmelted snow on their backs, demonstrating adequate insulation! And my 11 year old pet sheep goes on the move for her morning pick of silage:
  15. Woolless

    Lamb Consumption: A ray of hope!

    Had friends staying at the weekend, professional couple late 30s with kids aged five and two. I know they like lamb, so cooked a leg with all the veggie trimmings: They loved it! Everyone wanted seconds. The wee one used the word 'lamb' for the first time to ask for hers and her mum was...
  16. Woolless

    COP/Benchmarking timescale

    A few thoughts from the more numerate forumites needed! I'm just getting books sorted for the accountant before I get fined by HMRC :eek: ! Trying to pull together some COP/gross and net margin figures before all the paperwork goes. For those that have done it, over what timescale do you base...
  17. Woolless

    Recorded Easycare Tups @ Worcester Sale

    Been down a few times to buy but this year I am bringing down three shearling tups to the Easycare sale at Worcester Mart, this Saturday 23rd September, Lots 1085-1087. These tups are fully performance recorded by Signet. This involves tagging at birth (90% done outside) to record pedigree...
  18. Woolless

    Excess Boiler Capacity: Diversification ideas?

    Hello all, looking for some inspiration! We put in a 65kw biomass boiler a couple of years ago. 35kw required to heat house, 15 for blower in workshop (rarely used), so minimum 15kw spare capacity. When installed, we ran pipe a short distance to a 9m x 5m stone built shed with the intention of...
  19. Woolless

    Bloodless castration lambs

    Decided that I'm going to castrate the non-recorded male twin lambs this year, to give me more marketing and management options. I don't particularly like rubber ringing lambs and certainly don't want to do that over lambing. The plan is to gather them field by field after lambing and I was...
  20. Woolless

    Muslims like us

    Just wondered if anyone else had watched this? I've got halfway through the first one. Thought I would watch as I've had very limited personal contact with Muslims and I wanted to see the reality of people often portrayed in a very negative light (terrorism, immigration, fundamentalism). There...

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