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  1. Sandpit Farm

    Insurance recommendation for a tup

    Does anybody have experience or recommendations for an insurance provider for insuring a tup for his own value while he works away?
  2. Sandpit Farm

    Tup Transport needed - Lockerby to East Mids

    Just trying to get a tup down from Lockerby to Rutland. If anybody is travelling south with a clean trailer from that neck of the woods, it'd be great if we could link up and cover some costs etc. He is MV so couldn't really travel with non MV animals. We need him for about 1st December. Any ideas?
  3. Sandpit Farm

    What plant is this?

    It is in a corner of our garden. It has grown with these amazing pink flowers over and over again, it has flowered for about 3-4 months. I want to move it but want to know what it is so I can find the right spot.
  4. Sandpit Farm

    Roussin Sale 28th September - Carlisle

    We have a Roussin sale on 28th September at Carlisle. Catalogues will be available (when finalised) from Harrison and Hetherington. If you want crossbred or commercial ewes, contact the Society directly. There will be Blackie X, Welsh X and Mule Xs.
  5. Sandpit Farm

    Pedigree Roussin starter flock

    I have been contacted about a pedigree MV-acc Roussin flock available for sale. 10 ewes and 12 lambs. Ewes are 2T and 4T and most of the lambs are pure/pedigree (although not registered yet). The two crossbred lambs are Berrichon/Roussin. Ewes are from a variety of good flocks from around the...
  6. Sandpit Farm

    Wedding ideas

    I am getting married this summer at my parents farm (in France) and I am interested to hear of any ideas for making it one to remember. It is a challenge to keep my parents from dominating the whole thing with what they think we should do etc so I would like some ideas of little things that make...
  7. Sandpit Farm

    Strategic Farm launch in Wiltshire

    AHDB strategic farm launch in Wiltshire 5th December. Anyone going? I got my letter through last week I think... looks interesting. Would be good to meet some of you if you go.
  8. Sandpit Farm

    People with no morals

    (I know this is an admission of stupidity but I still think we should expect more) I have been eating microwave meals, takeaways and 'from the fridge' meals for the last 6 weeks while I have been renovating our new kitchen... washing up in the bath - you know the story. It is a pain trying to...
  9. Sandpit Farm

    Red spider mite

    Had this in chicken pens in the past and I’ve tried most things but very little actually works. Is there something I can spray in the pen that absolutely WILL work?
  10. Sandpit Farm

    creating a retained garden

    I have a garden that slopes quite steeply from the garden path (only about 2 sleepers-worth of fall) so I was thinking about retaining the garden with sleepers and creating a step to increase the lawn area and make it easier to mow. My question is, what would you use as posts, that can be...
  11. Sandpit Farm

    Hampshire Down ram lambs

    I know it is early but my good friend has some Hampshire Down ram lambs available. They range from top 1% down to top 25% on Signet Terminal Index. There are commercial rams or pedigree breeding rams available. We went through them 3 weeks ago and marked those with faults for culling. The rest...
  12. Sandpit Farm

    Cow Signals

    I saw on Twitter that AHDB have a load of Cow Signals workshops planned for June/July... Looks like there are lots all around the country. I'm going
  13. Sandpit Farm

    Young lamb with tummy ache

    Not sure what this is... We have a young lamb that has a swollen abdomen and seems pretty sore. I think it can pass manure but I was going to give it an enema anyway. Anything else I can do? I've had bloat in older lambs before but I haven't seen this.
  14. Sandpit Farm

    People deal with things differently

    I have a friend (not related to farming and certainly not on here) who has become very distant over the last 12 months, spending lots of time working and just not around for socialising. He is a best friend and we frequently used to go out for a drink after work etc. I honestly thought nothing...
  15. Sandpit Farm

    Carlisle Roussin Society Sale 10am tomorrow

    Shameless plug: Just a heads up! It may be worth a look. Top price last year was 1185gns and there are ewe lambs sired by that ram lamb. There will be sheep with figures for those interested in that side of it. The breed is being promoted to those who require easy lambing with wether lambs...
  16. Sandpit Farm

    Young pedigree Limousin bull for sale

    Ready to work. High Health, Warwickshire-based. Good EBVs, easy calving. Not mine, belongs to my good friend. He calves 30 pedigree cows amongst his commercial cattle. Bulls are very functional and not pushed. There were two available but in my opinion, this is the better bull. pictures...
  17. Sandpit Farm

    Thinking of 'popping the question'

    'A friend' of mine is thinking of popping the question to his girlfriend who he has been with for 12 months. He lives with her and knows she is right (he has been married before). How does he overcome the fear of asking?He is mid thirties. I am interested to hear of other people's stories of how...
  18. Sandpit Farm

    Wanted sharpening for shearing gear

    Is there anybody here who I could pay to sharpen my combs and cutters. I usually send them to Wales but it has all come a bit early this year and haven't got around to it. Some of them have got a little pitted. I'm in Warwickshire
  19. Sandpit Farm

    Wanted Teaser ram from MV flock

    Could do with a teaser or cheapest ram from an MV flock.
  20. Sandpit Farm

    Looking For Work Any shearing gangs in need of help

    Young lad keen to earn money after exams. He is a good lad and works hard. Exams finish 20th June. Will catch sheep and wrap wool. Would suit the later clipping flocks. Would just need a caravan or something.

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